Go Against The Norm With This Grilled Cheese Necklace

There’s no other sandwich that can elicit the desire to connect with the cheesy joy of childhood like the humble grilled cheese. Now you can wear the simple pleasure with all its cheesiness and gooeyness with this scrumptious-looking grilled cheese necklace. Pendants and other forms of jewelry in the shape of food are cute and representative of the wearer’s love of food. So, if you have a deep-seated love for the best sandwich in the land then this unique piece of jewelry is the perfect accessory for you.

Featuring a very realistic design, this grilled cheese necklace is sure to have everyone doing a double take. Handmade from polymer clay, it comes in the form of a delicious-looking toastie cut in half and pulled apart to reveal the gooey cheese in between. The mini food-shaped pendant will certainly remind you of the classic sandwich that you cherish as a child and all the carefree mornings you’ve spent at the breakfast table with your family. Yup, there’s really nothing like the good old days of our childhood.


Grilled Cheese Necklace

grilled cheese necklace

The realistic toastie pendant hangs from a silver-plated chain which is free from lead and nickel. You can choose the length of the chain which is available in 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches with varying prices. It’s best to keep this miniature food necklace out of children’s reach as they can mistake it for the real, edible thing. Take note that the food-inspired pendant is small enough to pose a choking hazard for kids.

miniature toastie pendant


mini grilled cheese necklace

This yummy-looking grilled cheese necklace comes with a lovely organza bag to present the piece if you intend to give it as a gift. The toastie-loving person in your life is surely going to appreciate this realistic miniature food necklace. One happy buyer wrote:


“I bought this necklace for a friend and for myself. The detail and color of this piece are exquisite. The size is just right (after all, who wants to wear a too big grilled cheese sandwich?), and the chain it comes with feels sturdy. I really love this piece!”

miniature food pendant


mini grilled cheese necklace realistic pendant

Source: Etsy