Luxury Cocoon Sleeping Bag

Skip those loose blankets and tuck yourself into this super cozy cocoon sleeping bag. While  insulated coverings are mostly associated with camping and backpacking, there are also those designed for indoor use. Specifically designed for indoor sleeping accommodations, sleepovers, or slumber parties, it allows people of all ages to easily slip into the comfy pod without the need the zip it close or put extra liner. It makes a perfect bedding option for kids and adults who prefer to sleep in the living room. This luxurious sack also makes cuddling up for the family movie night more enjoyable.

This cocoon sleeping bag isn’t your run-of-the-mill indoor sleeping bags. Unlike most of its competitors, this flexible sack adjusts to your size and movement to give you freedom to move and do whatever you want. It uses elastic thread and stretchable fabric so you can stretch your arms and legs in every direction while you’re inside, without restriction. The special elastic stitching gently pulls in when you slip into the sack, giving you a feeling of security.


Cozy Cocoon Sleeping Bags

cozy sleep sack for kids brown

This double-sided cocoon sleeping bag is made of super soft minky velboa fabric which is commonly used for baby clothing and accessories due to its soft feel which is warm yet lightweight. The fabric is also known for being tough-wearing and highly durable that feels like a warm hug. Whenever you need something to help you ease stress and anxiety, simply get into this cozy sack and feel its warm, comforting hug. Furthermore, the feeling of security it gives makes it perfect for kids with autism.

cocoon sleeping bag red for kids


cocoon sleeping bag


soft sleep sack for babies purple


cozy sleep sack blue


cozy sleep sack tan


cocoon sleeping bag light pink


cocoon sleeping bag for teens black

This plushy cocoon sleeping bag is handmade by Etsy shop Albrea Products. It is available in 3 sizes for adult/teen, kid, and baby. You can choose from a wide range of color options including brown, red, white, tan, black, yellow, pink, and more. Browse the shop to choose your preferred color.

cozy sleep sack for kids navy


cocoon sleeping bag pink


soft sleep sack for babies yellow


cocoon sleeping bag camo adult size


cocoon sleeping bag kids orange


soft sleep sack for babies red


cocoon sleeping bag white adult size

Source: Etsy