McDonald’s Has A Bowl Of Melted Cheddar Cheese For The Ultimate Dipping Experience

It’s time to level up your McDonald’s double cheeseburger, chicken nuggets and large fries. How, you may ask? Order a bowl of melted cheddar dip to make the most mouth-watering lineup. But here’s the only catch. You can only get this cheesy dipping sauce in Brazil. We know, anywhere outside Brazil just can’t catch a break.

McDonald’s Brazil recently beat the drum for the melted cheese dip with a short video ad on Instagram. “What if we made a pool of cheddar…?” says the caption along with the introduction of the fast food chain’s newest offering. A pool of melted cheddar, we like the sound of that. And don’t mind us if we dive into it just like the people on the advertisement.


McDonald’s Brazil Offers Melted Cheddar Dip



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McDonald’s cheddar dip comes in a 3.5-oz cup. So, you’ll get enough and some to spare. Just dunk your cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, fries or just about anything into the bowl to add another level of cheesiness to your favorite meal. For all you cheese-cravers out there, it’s time to replace those packets of ketchup with this gooey cheese sauce. This is actually a dream come true for all McDonald’s fans who can’t get enough of cheese on their Big Mac. Now we can have as much as cheesy goodness as we like.



The new McDonald’s cheddar dip can be ordered separately or as an addition to any Mac meal. It’s always wise to buy some extra cups for takeout. Imagine dipping your nacho chips or drizzling your tacos with this. So, if you happen to visit Brazil, you already know where your first destination is. You’ll surely don’t want to miss this while you’re there.



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