Thrift Store Finds Photo Album With Mystery Lady Posing With Tons Of A-List Celebrities And It’s Like A Trip Back In Time

Not everyone has the opportunity to get close to A-list Hollywood stars and have selfies with all of them. But one mysterious woman did just that. And that woman was Maria Snoeys Lagler. The interesting story began at a thrift shop in Mortsel, Belgium.

Opnieuw & Co is a thrift store that mostly rely on donations in which proceeds are used to support the social workplace where refugees and jobless people can work. When the staff were picking up items from one of the donation boxes, they stumbled upon a photo album. One of the staff decided to browse through the album. And was later shocked to discover that it wasn’t just an ordinary photo album. Inside it were a huge collection of pictures of an unknown woman standing next to famous celebrities.


A photo album filled with celebrity photos was found in a thrift shop in Belgium

The mysterious woman can be seen hugging Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves, and many more. And the photos are clearly far from being Photoshopped as they were likely to have been taken years ago. After realizing the value of the surprising discovery, the thrift shop decided to scrutinize the photos to find out who the mysterious woman was. Luckily, one of the photos showed the woman wearing a press badge revealing her name. It turns out that the woman is Maria Snoeys Lagler, a journalist for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).

Working as a reporter in the entertainment industry, Maria Snoeys Lagler apparently came in contact with popular Hollywood stars on a regular basis. At least that one mystery is already solved. But some baffling questions still remain. The photo album certainly means a lot to Maria. Needless to say, it wasn’t something that she’d just throw into the box and send it to the thrift shop. So, how did the photo album got to a thrift store in Belgium? Did she intentionally try to get rid of her treasures? Or did she accidentally drop it into the donation box?


Maria Snoeys Lagler with Tom Cruise


Maria Snoeys Lagler with Johnny Depp

The discovery of the photo album became viral in Belgium and everyone wants to know who actually Maria Snoeys Lagler is. One of the country’s national TV was able to find out about the woman’s identity and was able to trace her address. Sadly, Maria died in 2016 at the age of 87, leaving behind a daughter. The thrift shop has already contacted Maria’s daughter to inform her about the photo album in their possession. Even Maria’s daughter had no idea how the photo album ended up in Belgium.

The photo album is now on its way to California so Maria’s daughter can keep her mother’s fondest keepsake. Take a look at some of the most interesting celebrity photos from the photo album of Maria Snoeys Lagler.


Sam Neill And Robert Downey Jr


Patrick Stewart


Bruce Willis


Kevin Bacon And Tom Hanks


Elijah Wood


Angelina Jolie


Keanu Reeves


Harrison Ford


Drew Barrymore


Jon Bon Jovi


Will Smith


Sir Anthony Hopkins And Richard Attenborough


Antonio Banderas


Walter Matthau


Denzel Washington


Jack Nicholson


Kevin Costner


Clarence Williams III, Kyle Maclachlan And Samuel L Jackson


Christopher Walken


Hugh Grant


Kirk Douglas


Liam Neeson


Kate Winslet


Cary Elwes


Lawrence Fishburn


Nicolas Cage


Tim Roth


Helen Hunt


Ashley And Mary-Kate Olsen

Source: Benoit De Freine | Imgur