Who Needs Cargo Pants When You Can Wear Cargo Socks

When it comes to product concepts, there’s the one that you wish never existed and there’s the one that makes you upset because it doesn’t exist. These cargo socks definitely belong to the latter. A pair of socks with one or more pockets designed for tough, outdoor activities. These rugged socks would surely come in handy in times when you want to keep your stuff close at foot. With its convenient pockets, you can carry your essentials such as keys, extra money, favorite candy or maintenance meds within reach.

Everything about the socks is great. The only downside is, they don’t exist. It is a ridiculous product concept intended as a prank gift idea. It is basically the same thing as the Baby Shield and the Hide-A-Poo. These clever pranks come in the form of a gift box that looks authentic and legit. So you can just imagine the look on their faces when they read the label of the absurd product on the prank gift box. However, the product doesn’t actually exist, hence the name ‘prank gift box’. And the real gift is just hiding inside the practical joke which is the box itself.

cargo socks


We Have To Admit That We Wish These Cargo Socks Were An Actual Thing

The Baby Shield and Hide-A-Poo are just utterly pointless and we’re just glad they don’t actually exist. But the same can’t be said for these socks. In fact, the receiver might be disappointed that the box doesn’t contain the actual item. After all the useful information written on the box, we could only wish that the socks are a thing.

cargo socks prank gift box back


cargo socks prank gift idea

In order to make the joke more convincing, the prank gift box features specifications about the ‘supposed’ item. Precision fit and targeted cushioning for a comfortable wear and made of reclaimed softball jerseys. Flop slots that allow you to wear sandals. Pockets with rubberized lining to keep your stuff dry and freezer-grade gasket to keep your snacks hot or cold for hours. Seriously, what’s not to like about these convenient socks?

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cargo socks prank gift box for sock lovers

We’re telling you now, this prank would either make the receiver laugh hysterically or cry in dismay. We can already imagine them getting excited for a pair of unique socks just to be disappointed in finding regular socks inside the box. That reaction would be priceless for sure.

funny prank gift box


hilarious prank gift box

Source: Pranko