People Are Knitting Temperature Blankets To Record Climate Changes Throughout The Year

Climate change has become a hot topic for debate lately. One side looks for a solution and the other claims that it’s ‘not real’. The phenomena, despite the debate, is real. And some crafty folks have figured out a way to record the daily weather changes that they experience. Some are using their creative crafting skills to good use by knitting temperature blankets. Among these people is Josie George. She has made it her personal mission to knit a row that represents the temperature and weather in her town every day. In her now viral Tweet, she said,

“I decided that this year, every day, I would knit a row on a scarf to mark the corresponding daily temperature/weather of my town. It felt like a good way to engage the changing climate and with the changing year. A way to notice and not look away.”

Josie shared her project on February 2nd. And to her surprise, there were many others doing the same thing! Her Tweet has since gone viral, with over 56.7K Retweeets and over 380.7K likes. Apparently there was an entire community dedicated to crafting weather tracking projects. They make blankets, scarves and everything in between! Each crafter has their own way of keeping track of weather changes.



Josie and several other crafty individuals are tracking the weather through knitted projects like scarves and a temperature blanket

The beautiful thing about creating a temperature blanket or scarf is that you can use any color and design. There are no limits to what you can represent. For example, Josie uses one color scheme according to the temperature. She then knits a second row with a different color scheme, that indicates what the general weather was on that day. On the other hand, others have more detailed projects. Some have even opted to include markings that represent the seasons.

So, this project is also a great way for people to pass the time. It not only helps you to be productive but you will also become more aware of the subtle changes in the environment. Seeing the temperature blanket take form will definitely be a formative and eye-opening experience. There is no fixed pattern for this type of project. However, this free printable chart can help give you an idea of temperatures and the right color schemes to use.





There is no fixed pattern for temperature blankets and scarves

Every place’s climate, temperature and weather will differ from one another. So, you’ll need to know your local temperature ranges to start the project. You can use these points as a reference, like Josie did. So if you wrote down in your 2020 resolution that you want to learn something new, then why not give this knitting project a try? You’ll not only get a nice knitted scarf or blanket, but you’ll also gain a better understanding of the world you live in.



The temperature blanket is a fascinating project


There are no limits for the design, pattern, size, and color of temperature blankets