This Pet Swing Gives Them The Chance To “Feel The Wind In Their Fur”

Most, if not all, pet owners treat their pets like their very own. Some especially doting fur parents go all out just to make sure that their fur baby lives their best life. But making sure to meet the needs of our pets, especially the physical ones, has definitely become a challenge for all of us lately. With the pandemic going on and most of us switching to work-from-home set-ups, taking the dog out for a walk has definitely become a bit of a challenge. So if you’ve found yourself struggling with productivity and pet responsibilities or if you know someone who is, the Pet Swing just might be the answer to your problem.

Or not, because it’s really just a prank box. We had you in the first half, didn’t we? But you have to admit, giving someone a swing for their cat or dog would make a truly bizarre gift. (Even if your gift’s recipient happens to adore their pet!) The prank box is brought to us by the very same company that gave us the hilarious ‘Baby’s First Diaper Keepsake Frame’ prank box, among other things. Prank-O never runs out of hilarious and downright bizarre prank products to slap onto their boxes. And this pet-centric prank box is sure to draw out a whole spectrum of reactions from your recipient, from bafflement to downright glee!

Prank-O Pet Swing Prank Box


This prank box is sure to make your pet-loving friend laugh

The prank box comes covered in convincing product details to make the prank believable. To make the prank box believable, Prank-O has branded their fictitious product as Tedd Lawson’s swing for animals. The box features a cat and a dog using the gear, and various blurbs, like this one:

“Pets love to play, but all that running and jumping can get in your way. That’s why Tedd Lawson developed the Pet Swing. Now your pets can release energy from their systems while harmlessly suspended three feet above the ground. The snug and sturdy vest ensures your pet gets the air they crave while you get the freedom you deserve.”

Pet Swing Prank Box Packaging

The phony packaging measures 11.25-inches long, 9-inches wide and 3.25-inches deep. This should allow you to fit simple gifts in the box, like a folded sweater or retractable dog leash, easily. You can definitely expect to see your dog-loving gift recipient cringe a little bit, so you might need to do some coaxing so they can get their gift. If you’ve got a lot of dog-loving friends and family to give presents to this year, we highly encourage that you stock up on Prank-O’s hilarious prank boxes to make gift-giving extra fun! Get it here.

Source: Amazon