Customers Share Rude And Shocking Comments Made By Sales People

We all know that working in sales, retail and customer service isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be an absolute nightmare. However, things go both ways! It appears that many employees lack the professionalism, politeness and skill required to work with customers. Here we have a list of rude and shocking comments made by sales people that make you wonder how certain people have held on to their jobs! In many cases we hope that dismissals were issued. Take a look!
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Customers Share Rude And Shocking Comments Made By Sales People

This person reminds us of the snooty sales woman in ‘Pretty Woman’! 

Who doesn’t love being treated like a child?

This doesn’t seem to have been meant in a disrespectful manner but it’s awfully insensitive! 

Innocent mistakes are often made but people should try to be less presumptuous. 

What a strange choice of words… 

Since when is it an obligation to shave?

What a rude and cruel set of comments! 

We just don’t see the need for this. Why are people so nasty?

Incredibly unprofessional.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your thoughts in your head. 

We would love to know what this person responded. We hope it was good! 

How staff can treat a customer this way is beyond us! 

It’s like every single employee on this list needs training in how to be polite person! 

Hearing ‘you people’ in this context angers us.