30 Times People Couldn’t Believe What They Found In Thrift Stores

In every thrift store, there are hidden gems that are even more precious than expensive, brand-new items. It only needs a pair of keen eyes to discern which of the second-hand items have a great value.  But sometimes, luck can also play a huge part in picking cheap items that turn out to be priceless. A Facebook page is created to recount the stories of those lucky people who found unexpected treasures out of weird second-hand items. And we went all the trouble to pick the most amazing finds just for you. Check out this list of the most unusual and weird second-hand items ever bought from thrift stores.

“It’s all fun and games until you realize the first panel is a sex act. It did not come home with me.”

pin panel represents reproduction
Meghan Barbara Williams

“Found a magazine ad of my Great Grandma and twin uncles from 1952! They’re all gone now, so it’s a doubly amazing find.”

vintage magazine featuring grandma and uncle
Larissa René Helm

This T-Rex phone

dinosaur telephone weird second-hand items

“Today’s find…they may look like normal old ratty chairs, but here’s the kicker – I already owned them once before. Brought them to the US from Europe when I moved back home in 2001, and stored them with a relative. After a rift in the family, I considered them a loss. Here they are, nearly 20 years later, in a 2nd hand store. Though they may be much worse for the wear, they’re coming home with me (again).”

previous owner finds chairs thrift store
Michelle Cote Bullard

“My new favorite shirt I found”

aliens gave my cat a beard shirt
Elizabeth Sorensen

“It just occurred to me that you guys might appreciate this. I found it at goodwill, new with tags and could not believe my luck.”

naughty pencil case weird second-hand items
Jessica Beddome

“Here is just one of my weird one’s”

knight toilet paper holder
Anne Marie Anderson

A brutally honest plate

here is your snack dumbass plate
Iris Peterson

“Just a bunny sitting on a lawn chair reading a book. He spoke to me at GW and I rescued him. He moved into my bookshelf and looks happy.”

bunny in reading chair
Marianne Willmann

“If only I had known it could be this easy. Maybe I should have brought this one home.”

lose weight set weird second-hand items
Dot Oswell Niewiadomy


“This literally threw itself in my cart”

send all men to moon mug
Nicole K Guidry

“Found this yesterday at GW.”

salvador dali-inspired clock
Jan Shuster

“When you have feet like Tinkerbell…. Original Docs, immaculate condition. At least eight people tried to cram their feet into these while I was in the store. It was like Cinderella meets the Hunger Games. They’re a perfect fit. Sometimes the odds really ARE in your favour!!!”

tiny boots different laces
Kjirsten Hartwell

“My mom got me this today at the thrift store and i love it.”

bowl octopus feet weird second-hand items
Rigor Morris

“I was poking around a quiet antique store when a booming male voice said “come closer, try your luck! Dont be afraid.” I jumped so badly I nearly knocked over a display… needless to say, he didn’t come home with me…”

lifelike fortune teller thrift store
DebbieSue Alcorn

“Found this strange looking pot at the Goodwill. I had to buy it. Loved all the comical animal pictures on it.”

pot with comical animal pictures
Dogolo-Fenwick Laurie

“I almost didn’t buy this whimsical AF lamp today, because I am a grown-ass woman, but then I remembered I’m a grown-ass woman, and I can do what I want. Also it was $2. Bought at Twice Blest in Palatine, IL.”

strawberry house lamp weird second-hand items
Karen Jesse

Cartoon Backpack

3d flat purse weird second-hand items
Wendy Vermeers

“I sure hope it works.. amazing! Just an edit for those who don’t read comments: it works, AND glows in the dark, AND has flashing blue/green/red lights. I am truly blessed”

computer mouse with a bug
Cassandra Gagnon

“LOOK what I found today. It is 110% haunted and I will love it until it possesses my soul and I stop feeling human emotion.”

cat figurine big creepy eyes
Emma Brophy

“U see this guy in the club…with the polyester Taco-Cat button up…smash or pass?”

taco cat shirt weird thrift store
Paul Baker

“I procured a passel of partially painted piggies in a pretty package! Pondering painting ’em psychedelic patinas…”

pig figurines thrift store
Kim Ferm

“Once upon a time my children knocked the father wall pocket off the wall, shattering him. Today I found this mug. CHILDREN, FATHER CAME HOME!”

wall pocket mother found a father mug
Karen Hinrichs Lukes

“It’s a stitch purse!”

stitch purse thrift store
Su?u Douglas

“It’s a stamp. And one of my most cherished thrifting finds.”

weird stamp with funny label
?Briahna Rain

“I found this teapot purse at the local Goodwill…I’m a potter by trade, so obviously I HAD to buy it! The funniest thing is, the spout has a real hole, so all my money can pour out I guess.”

teapot purse thrift store
Mathilda Tanner

“Hands down, my favorite possession.”

funny cats picture frame
Nik Ratajczyk

“These awesome T-rexes came home with me today. The bowties reminded me of the SNL skit. I shall name them Patrick and Chris!”

patrick and chris t-rexes
Kelli Gomez

“Elvis has NOT left the building because, where would we put him!?!?”

elvis huge head
Julie Carleton

“Not sure if it classes as weird…a find in a local charity shop in Sheffield UK”

rubiks cube table weird second-hand items
Louise Dent