Thunder Your Way Through A Workout With This Hammer-Shaped Water Bottle

This drink, I like it! You’ll be saying that exact line like Thor did in the movie every time you chug this Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle. This beverage container comes in the shape of Mjolnir which is more popularly known as the hammer of the God of Thunder Thor. You can ditch your boring drink container and get this awesome product now. So, you can drink your water and feel like the God of Thunder every time.

A must-have for all Marvel fans, the Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle makes you worthy of lifting Mjolnir. Not even the brawny Hulk can pull off that task. Just fill the container with your preferred beverage, grab it by the handle, and carry it around like the Asgardian God. It is guaranteed to make heads turn and make everyone wishing they have one too. The legendary weapon’s head serves as the container for any cold drinks of your choice. It has a large capacity of up to 1.7 liters to deliver your recommended daily water intake.


Thor’s Hammer-Inspired Water Bottle

thors hammer water bottle

To refill, unscrew the cap at the tip of the handle to reveal the sleek bottle opening. Screw the cap back on and close firmly to prevent leaks. The handle is embellished with easy grip texture pattern, making it easier to grip and hold on. This Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle is made of eco-friendly PETG plastic, a food-safe material that’s commonly used for food and liquid containers. This fully recyclable plastic can tolerate a tremendous amount of pressure without cracking. But just like any other plastic, it gradually deforms and melts at extremely high temperatures. So, we don’t recommend filling it with hot beverages or even washing it with hot water.

mallet-shaped drink container


thors hammer water bottle clear blue


thors hammer water bottle plastic


marvel-inspired beverage container opening


marvel-inspired beverage container

The Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle measures 11 inches long with the head measuring 5.4 inches wide and 3.5 inches thick. It is available in clear blue and clear black color options. Perfect to use in the gym, camping, hiking, outdoor sports, or even in the office. But please be reminded that this drink container doesn’t return to your hand when thrown, that is, we believe, is the only downside of it. One happy buyer wrote:

“Do you want to make all the frost giants tremble before you?! If so, buy this water bottle and feel the power of the mighty Thor as you hydrate your body and watch as people question your God-like strength!”

thors hammer water bottle clear black


marvel-inspired beverage container capacity


thors hammer water bottle kids


marvel-inspired beverage container black

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