Malibu’s Ready Made Mixed Drink Pouches Are A Summer Survival Must Have

The idea of pre-made cocktails may not appeal to everyone, but these pre-mixed drinks are quickly becoming the trend now. Let’s admit it, not everyone is endowed with bartending skills. If you love cocktails but you don’t have a knack for making them then pre-mixed cocktails are the ultimate solution. However, picking a good brand of pre-mixed cocktails would be another challenge. There are many different brands and varieties of pre-made cocktails that typically come in bottles, cans, or jars. Wine companies make the packaging as convenient as possible to allow people to enjoy their favorite cocktails anytime, anywhere. Speaking of convenient packaging, we’ve found something that will surely become a hit among teenagers and adults alike. Introducing the Malibu Flavored Rum Pouches, a line of ready-to-drink cocktails in handy pouches.

malibu flavored rum pouches

Malibu Flavored Rum Pouches are available in five different flavors – Rum Punch, Daiquiri, Pineapple Twist, Blue Hawaiian, and Caribbean Cosmo. All of these variants contain Malibu’s unique blend of Caribbean rum and coconut. Rum Punch flavor has notes of mango, cranberry, pineapple, and orange. Daiquiri has lime flavor while Pineapple Twist features pineapple and blackberry flavors. Blue Hawaiian has hints of pineapple, cherry, and orange while Caribbean Cosmo has lime, cranberry, and orange flavors.

Choose from five different cocktail flavors – Rum Punch, Daiquiri, Pineapple Twist, Blue Hawaiian, and Caribbean Cosmo

malibu flavored rum pouches rum punch


malibu flavored rum pouches daiquiri


malibu flavored rum pouches pineapple twist


malibu flavored rum pouches blue hawaiian


malibu flavored rum pouches caribbean cosmo

Each pouch contains 1.75 liters of ready-made cocktail, which is equivalent to two bottles of wine. Plus, these Malibu Flavored Rum Pouches come with nozzles. Simply open the valve and have a blast with your friends. All variants contain 12.5% ABV to kick up any type of party. Not to mention, each pouch has cutouts at the top, making it easier to handle and carry everywhere.

You can buy these pre-mixed cocktails on Drizly and have these refreshing cocktails delivered right to your door. Make every summer party come alive with Malibu Flavored Rum Pouches, all without the hassle of concocting your booze. Whether you’re traveling, going for a picnic, or just too lazy to make your own cocktail, these convenient drinks can literally save your day.

Source: Malibu Rum Drinks

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