15 Freaky Animal Pictures Proving Mother Nature Is Cruel And Vicious

We all know the world is a crazy place full of contradictions. Within it, us humans manifest plenty of beauty and kindness, as well as awful levels of terror and strife. ‘Mother Nature’ herself is no different, really. She may have created cute puppies and beautiful dolphins, yet she’s also responsible for nasty mosquitoes and organ-eating parasites. Her ways can be terrible and horrific. Just take a look at the following 16 freaky animals to get your proof! Check it out!

The inside of a Leatherback turtle’s mouth is not the prettiest!

This python imbibing a whole crocodile.

This parasite eats the tongue of a fish, before becoming the new tongue!

This freaky caterpillar, whose spikes are lethal.

These sharks are just swimming innocent-like in the water at a golf course.

This snake consuming a toad.

This eagle, swooping in and grabbing a fox, of all things!

These cute little guys…

… will grow up to have these mean-looking things!

These are the biggest hornets we’ve ever seen!

This strange-looking jellyfish.

This whale shark is bigger than the truck!

This massive, creepy fruit bat.

These hippos taking to this crocodile…

…and this crocodile is feeding on a shark!

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