Social Media Struggles That We Can All Relate To

You may think that people are sociable now more than ever because of the impact of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But these social media struggles will show you the real impacts of social networking to social life. Besides, why would you go out and meet some friends when you can have thousands of Facebook friends? Why would you have personal interactions with other people when you can just send them text messages? And why would you waste time trying to look great when you can just simply filter your photos? Basically, social media is today’s social life and I’m not personally against it. In fact, social media platforms are convenient in so many ways. But you’ll probably agree with these social media struggles that anyone can understand.




Let’s spend most of our lives making virtual friends whom you barely even know.


Make sure to have your pack of popcorn when you open Facebook because you’ll get to see a lot of real-time drama and people’s arguments. Why go to movie theater when you can watch free life drama on Facebook?


Time is gold and every second counts. It would be a shame to waste it on watching lengthy Snapchat stories that actually don’t make sense.


When you put your good thoughts into writing and you suddenly forgot that certain word. You’ll need to explore the deepest part of your brain just to recall that particular word.


When you have a personal account on every social media platforms available but all of them are as lethargic as a sick sloth.

Twitter | hellelee

No, I’m not stalking him or whatsoever! I just took a glimpse of his profile for 6 months now. I know where his favorite restaurant is and I know the color of his pillows. I’m not stalking him.


Of course you’d fall into humiliation when you come up with a joke as corny as that.

Twitter | bobvulfov

The hilarious evolution of social life



This is the face of regret we make when we unknowingly made a typo in our tweet. And there’s no way to fix the humiliating error we made. All you can do is anticipate the number of people roasting you right now.


You just posted your photo on Instagram. Now let the waiting game begin. Check your account every 2 seconds to see how many likes you’ve got.


Every time you open your social media accounts, expect these things to appear on the news feed.

Twitter | jeannes_jargon

When using Snapchat filters, keep your head steady for best results.


Social media has given us the perfect excuse not to buy greeting cards for special occasions.


This pineapple looks juicy and yummy. I need to take a photo of this and post it on my Instagram.


The poor innocent guy has no idea that he’s been a target for a manhunt.


When you’ve already blocked annoying people from your friends’ list and they still find ways to keep in touch with you. If I’ve blocked you then it basically means I have nothing to do with you.

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