21 Perfect Gift Ideas Every Wine Enthusiast Needs To Add To Their Collection

Thinking for a perfect gift for wine lover friends is quite easy. Just give them a bottle of the most exquisite wine you know. In every special occasion, just give them the thing they love the most as a gift. But then it gets boring. And chances are high that all of their other friends would be giving the same sort of gifts – wines. Although they love wines, receiving the same kind of gifts over and over again can get humdrum. So, why not go for something more creative this time? If you can’t think of other ideal gifts for your wino friends aside from wines, look no further than this post. We’ve gathered the perfect wine gifts that your wine aficionado friends will surely appreciate.

Wine Charmers Drink Markers

glass charmer perfect wine gifts

This set of four Speedo-wearing drink markers will wrap themselves around your wine glass to help you identify your drinks and avoid mix-ups. Plus, you get to choose from four hunks (Zack, Spencer, Freddie, or Blake) to charm your glass of wine. With their biceps curling the stem of your glass, you’ll never lose your drink ever again.

Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

freeze cooling cups perfect wine gifts

Cool your reds, whites, and rosés and ensure your beverage remains chilled for hours with Cooling Cups. Each cup has a cooling gel enclosed within the BPA-free plastic wall to keep the content cool for hours.  For red wine, refrigerate the cups for at least 2 hours . And for white wine, place the cups in the freezer for at least 2 hours. This is to ensure that the cooling gel will keep your wines in perfect temperature.

If You Can Read This Bring Me Wine Fun Socks

fun socks perfect wine gifts

Kick your shoes off and make a bold statement with this pair of fun socks.  These comfortable socks are made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane making the fabric breathable and elastic. So, if you can read this, go get these fun socks as perfect wine gifts for your wino buddies.

Swag Brewery Vintage Merlot Wine Soap

vintage merlot soap perfect wine gifts

Wine in a soap? Who would’ve thought? This Wine Soap is made of organic ingredients such as rosemary leaf extract and cranberry seeds. More importantly, this extraordinary soap is also enriched with real vintage merlot wine. This soap has a jammy, rich, and bright scent that will let you enjoy bath-time even more. Due to its creamy lather, you can also use it as a shampoo and shave.

Le Chateau Wine Decantercrystal decanter perfect wine gifts

Here’s one wine accessory that you can’t live without. This elegant crystal wine decanter will bring out with wine’s rich aroma and flavor. It provides optimum oxygenation to the wine as the liquor reaches the widest diameter on the decanter. This 750ml carafe is made of 100% lead-free crystal with a slanted opening to avoid drips and spills as you pour the delicious wine. For any wine enthusiast, having a high quality decanter is a must. If you’re really looking for the perfect wine gifts for your friends or even for yourself, you can never go wrong with this elegant decanter.

Secura Electric Wine Opener

electric wine opener perfect wine gifts

This electric corkscrew is all you need to open the bottle of your favorite wine and celebrate every precious moment. With just a push of a button, this awesome wine opener automatically removes the cork from the bottle. Then press the release button to remove the cork from the opener. This convenient gadget is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) that can open more than 80 bottles without the hassle of a cord.

ChillOut Life Stainless Steel Tumbler

stainless steel tumbler perfect wine gifts

Still haven’t found the perfect wine gifts that can make summer break more fun? How about these wine tumblers by ChillOut Life? These tumblers feature double wall vacuum insulation that will keep your wine ice-cold for up to 9 hours. Yes, that means we can now bring our favorite booze in our summer camping adventures without having to worry about hot temperatures. This 12-oz stainless steel tumbler is available in 14 different colors to suit your taste.

Winc Unwind with Pinot Noir Wine Gift Set

pinot noir set perfect wine gifts

This wine set has everything a wino needs and more. Inside the refined black linen packaging is a bottle of the elegant 2016 Selected Works Pinot Noir. Along with the exquisite wine, the set also includes a hand-poured candle that gives off an alluring scent of Italian jasmine with hints of Florida orange and red ginger. But there’s still one more. It also comes with a sleek and modern corkscrew.

Wine Condoms (6-Pack)

wine condoms perfect wine gifts

Now, don’t be fooled by the name. This is not your typical condom, although it exactly looks like one. These food grade wine condoms are actually bottle stoppers, which means these rubber latex seal are intended to reseal opened bottles of wine. Each wine condom feature shrink fit technology to provide air-tight and water-tight seal to seal in freshness. Giving these perfect wine gifts to your friends will surely put a smile (or an awkward expression) on their faces.

Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection (Set of 2)

aerating glass perfect wine gifts

No decanter, no problem. With these Aerating Wine Glasses, you simply pour the wine into the internal cell and let the liquor oxygenate as it flows into the glass. There’s no need to pour the wine into a separate carafe anymore. Uncork, pour, aerate, and enjoy. It’s that simple.

Society6 Wine Throw Pillow

throw pillow cover perfect wine gifts

These fluffy pillows are not just comfortable for naps but they can also serve as a statement piece. Seriously, nothing can be more real than the text written on the cover. Each throw pillow cover is made of 100% spun polyester poplin fabric with faux down pillow insert. It features double-sided print and is available in 4 different sizes.

Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with Spreader


wine bottle cheese spreader

Emptied wine bottles are brought back to life with these recycled wine bottle platters. Collected from the roadsides and forests in Wyoming, the empty vessels are thoroughly cleaned and melted into flat, glossy trays. The platter comes with a cork-topped spreader.

SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cup holder

shower cupholder perfect wine gifts

You can now bring your favorite wine while taking a bath with this portable cup holder. Its suction cup can be attached to any smooth, non-porous surface such as glass, mirror, or glazed tile. This reliable cup holder can hold wine glasses, canned beers, and other household items that do not weigh above 7 pounds.

Igloo Daytripper Insulated Backpack

insulated backpack perfect wine gifts

Going for a trip or a camping? Bring your favorite wines without worrying about breaking them along the way. This insulated backpack has a removable divider to securely store a bottle of wine while keeping it cool for hours. You can make use of its pockets to hold corkscrews and other wine staples. Make your camping complete with all your favorite foods. This convenient backpack also includes a bamboo cutting board, stainless steel cheese knives, a bottle opener, and a foldable mini picnic table. What more could you ask for? These backpacks are indeed the perfect wine gifts for your jetsetter friends who can’t live without wines.

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

stain remover perfect wine gifts

Drips and spills are unavoidable when you’re having a blast with your friends. All is fun and good until you see those red stains on your favorite shirt, couch, and carpets. But now you can kiss those stains away with this Red Wine Stain Remover. Formulated to remove both fresh and dried stains, this convenient spray bottle magically lifts stains at it leaves a refreshing citrus scent.

Glass With Protective Silicone Sleeve (4-Pack)

glass with silicone sleeve perfect wine gifts

Bring your glass of wine anywhere with ease. These wine glasses have a protective silicone sleeve that don’t only provide protection to your beverage but also gives you an easier grip. You can choose from four sizes – 10-oz, 11-oz, 17-oz, and 20-oz. These glasses come in a pack of four in multicolor, all-carbon, and all-white variants.

Coffee, JK This Is Totally Wine Coffee Mug


jk this is totally wine coffee mug

Make your every morning brighter with this coffee mug. In the afternoon, you can pour in your favorite wine and use it as a wine mug. Whether it’s coffee or booze that you’re sipping, only you can tell.

Dailyware All-Purpose 18.5-Ounce Wine Glasses (Set of 12)

dailyware glasses perfect wine gifts

Nothing beats sophisticated wine glasses as the perfect wine gifts for wine-loving friends. This set of 12 all-purpose wine glasses is ideal for get-togethers and everyday dinners. Each piece features a tulip-shaped design with pulled stem and fine. And each glass can hold 18.5-oz of your favorite wine.

Artland Oasis Galvanized Steel Oval Party Tub

party tub perfect wine gifts

What’s a party without a party tub? Serve your bottles of wine in style in this stylish party tub. Made of galvanized steel, it’s ideal for cooling and serving wine bottles for parties, picnics, camping, and more.

NewAir 21-Bottle Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

thermoelectic dual zone cooler perfect wine gifts

Wine aficionados take pride with their collection of exquisite wines. If you’re looking for the perfect wine gifts for them, this Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is definitely the one. This freestanding cooler can hold up to 21 bottles of wine with insulated glass doors to clearly exhibit their entire wine collection. It offers flexible storage with two independent temperature zones and cooling system which quietly operates with minimal vibration. When it’s time to take out the wines, simply pull out the adjustable chrome racks and pick the wine of your choice.

PortoVino Messenger Bag


messenger wine dispensing bag

It’s not just a bag, it’s also a wine dispenser. Inside this chic messenger bag is a secret insulated zippered pocket that can hold up to two bottles of wine. Simply fill the wine compartment with your favorite beverage. Then you can use the extra room to hold your essentials such as wallet, phone, keys, etc. You can bring the booze party along wherever you are with this elegant bag made of brushed vegan leather.