Perfectly-Timed Photos That Will Mess With Your Head

What does it take to be a good photographer? Even professional photographers would say that capturing the perfect photo is a demanding task. You need to capture the perfect angle with the perfect lighting in the perfect moment. That is to say, everything has to be perfect. But perfection can also come in most unexpected circumstances. To point out, all you need is a bit of luck to capture extraordinary moments at the right time. Here are examples of perfectly-timed photos showing that anyone can be a great photographer.



Even cats love the beach.

Santa is wearing red high heels and he’s happy about it.

Straight out of an advertisement poster.

He has a lot of questions in his mind.

You can’t hide from the sun.

Kris Jenner has changed a lot lately.

Transparent glass or mirror? That’s for you to figure out.

Beautiful illusion or hilarious coincidence? These perfectly-timed photos will show you that taking the best shot requires more luck than skill.


That’s one hunky cat right there.

Never mind the banana. The horse in the background is not a real horse. It only seemed real because the guy with the rope looks like he’s walking with it.

This is me when I’m running late to work.

A cat who can ice skate! Where else can you find a cat like this?

Poor guy. He must be really scared to be eaten alive.

Hello! I can’t hear you!

I just saw Taylor Swift on the road and took a picture.

This is what mannequins actually do when no one is looking.