You Now Get Lucky Charms Ice Cream And It Tastes Amazing

It’s official: Lucky Charms is taking over the world. We’ve been witnessing the much-beloved cereal crossing over to a lot of snack and dessert treats lately. And one of its most intriguing ventures is probably the Lucky Charms Ice Cream. In January 2020, the new ice cream was announced. And it certainly had a lot of ice cream fans over the rainbow. I mean…who wouldn’t? It’s ice cream made with one of the most iconic cereals of our childhood! Who could possibly resist going for a scoop?

Edy’s/Dreyers is the genius behind the magical treat. And according to the official description, the Lucky Charms Ice Cream consists of a vanilla base with a cereal swirl and cereal marshmallows. We’ve all seen and tasted ice cream cones topped/covered with the cereal before, so we can probably try to imagine how good this fantastic new ice cream is. The Lucky Charms Ice Cream came paired together with Cinnamon Toast Crunch Light Ice Cream, which cereal-ously thrilled breakfast treat fans everywhere.

lucky charms ice cream


The new Lucky Charms Ice Cream has the iconic cereal marshmallows mixed in

The sweet news has circulated among Instagram’s swiftest snack sleuths, like @junkfoodmom and @junkfoodonthego. On the other hand, other sweet-toothed Instagrammers like @candyhunting, @i_need_a_snack, and @snackgator were lucky enough to get their hands on the cereal-flavored ice cream. And they all agree on one thing: it’s magically delicious! According to their reviews, it tastes like milk that’s had some time to absorb the sugary goodness of the cereal.

“The artwork on this one is just as awesome,” @i_need_a_snack noted. And they’re totally right. It would be hard to miss this magically delicious ice cream, as it comes dressed in the cereal’s signature packaging. But with a scoop of ice cream in the center, instead of a bowl of cereal. The Lucky Charms Ice Cream in the freezer aisle of leading supermarkets like Walmart as early as February. The cereal-flavored frozen treat comes in a modest 14-ounce container, if you want it all for yourself. But if you’re feeling generous, you can also get it in 48-ounces.