16 Amazing New Gadgets You Will Want To Buy

Scientists and product designers are constantly coming up with clever ideas for various amazing gadgets that they hope will be the next ‘big thing’. At this year’s high profile Consumer Electronics Show, more than 3600 exhibitors presented the world’s newest gadgets and technologies to the public. This year sure looks exciting if their displays were anything to go by! From a pair of strap-on, futuristic roller skates to a mirror that shows up all your flaws… (eek!) to a printer so small you have to place it on the paper, here’s a selection of 16 of the most amazing new gadgets set to hit the market in the coming months…


This amazing little gadget is awesome for those of us whose fingers aren’t so green. Edyn is a gardening monitoring system that tracks environmental conditions and tells you when things like extra nutrients or watering are required. It will also recommend which plants will grow best in the current conditions. Incredible!

guy holding gadget edyn

Zuta Pocket Printer

The smallest printer ever made, the Zuta is placed on the paper!

zuta pocket printer in black


This incredible insole is controlled from your smartphone. It’s interactive, water resistant and heated to keep your feet warm in winter. It even counts calories burned for you!

amazing gadgets digitsole capabilities


Say bye bye to annoying cords with this little beauty. It charges devices without requiring a cord!

Wi power cordless charging phone


Swiftpoint is the most intuitive mouse ever made. It’s like a touch screen without the screen! It also has a rapid charge option which takes only 30 seconds and lasts for an hour. Handy!

swiftpoint gadget in black

Find it here.


Sensoria are bringing out a whole range of wearable technology. The range includes everything from socks and sports bras to fitness tops. The technology encased in the clothing tracks your movement and performance, and helps you to avoid injury.

man running in sensoria clothes


This is great for dog owners who wonder what their dog is doing when they’re not at home. It allows dog owners to track their furry friend’s whereabouts, schedule reminders and check out whether they’re sleeping or playing etc in real time. 

wonderwoof app reminders screenshot


Netamo is an advanced home security system that uses facial recognition technology so you can know who’s in your home at all times. You can also customize notifications for each individual.

netamo in gold


Noke is the world’s first-ever Bluetooth padlock. So, you never have to worry about bringing your keys with you! But what if your phone runs out of batteries. Well, you can program in a series of short and long taps to get around that problem. They’ve thought of everything!

noke bluetooth padlock

Find it here.


This is like dry-cleaning, at home. Swash gets out wrinkles and stains, and makes your clothing fit all nice again. Working within ten minutes, it saves you on the horrible chore of ironing.

swash in black and cream

Find it here.


Ecovent is an eco-friendly ventilation system for your heating. Replace all your vents with these ones and then you can control the temperature of each room via your phone. So, you don’t have to have the heating on in a room you’re not using, for instance. 


Melo Mind

Next on our list of amazing gadgets is the Melo Mind. It’s supposed to be incredible for helping you to relax. It sends out brainwaves and monitors your stress levels, then plays music to distract you. 

melo mind head gear

Panasonic Smart Mirror 

This mirror sounds incredible, but scary! It shows up every single flaw and imperfection, from dry patches to lines and wrinkles. It then recommends what products you may wish to use to ‘fix’ yourself.

panasonic smart monitor being used by woman


Billed as a ‘personal transit accessory’ Rollkers help you move twice as fast. You simply strap them on your feet, over your shoes, and go!

rollkors shoe attachment simulation

Tao Chair

This invention is billed as the ‘invisible gym for your living room’. Apparently, it helps you to burn calories on a range of muscle groups whilst you watch television. This is a dream come true! All homes should have these! 

man sitting on tao chair


Belty is a belt, and then so much more. It automatically adjusts when you stand up, or sit down, tightening or loosening for maximum comfort. It also tracks your activity. If you’ve been inactive too long, you can set it to remind you via a vibration. It even keeps track of your waist line measurements!

man wearing belty gadget