While Sea World Is Closed This Sea Lion Has Been Roaming Around Visiting Other Animals

The adventures of Shedd Aquarium’s penguins have inspired zoos and other aquariums to give their residents a similar experience. The current pandemic situation has spread all over the world, and Australia is no exception. As of writing, the country has already recorded over 5, 550 confirmed positive cases. So it’s only natural that public entertainment venues like Sea World have suspended operations until further notice. With the lack of visitors wandering through their halls, the staff of Sea World decided that it was the perfect chance for their resident sea lion Birri Junior to have his very own adventure.

Birri Junior is a resident at Sea World in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. And he’s the internet’s newest darling after Sea World posted a video of him being given a tour by a trainer. Erin, the trainer who gave Birri the tour, thought it would be a great idea, since there are no visitors around. And boy, was she right! The adorable creature looked absolutely stoked to meet the other residents of Sea World!

birri the sea lion watches fish swim in sea world's shark bay tank
Sea World – Gold Coast Australia


Birri Junior the sea lion got to see his oceanfish friends

On March 28th, Sea World Australia uploaded a 59-second video of the trainer and Birri Junior visiting his scaly friends over at Shark Bay. The sight of hundreds of different fish swimming in the tank quickly caught his attention. Birri Junior was so fascinated that he couldn’t tear his gaze away from them! He even leaned onto the railing for a closer look. Then, at the end of clip, Erin is seen guiding Birri Junior to wave goodbye to his scaly friends and the diver in the tank. This short but sweet clip hooked over 161K views on Facebook.

sea world trainer erin and birri junior the sea lion observe the shark bay tank
Sea World – Gold Coast Australia


He even met a diver!

birri the sea lion sees a diver in the shark bay tank
Sea World – Gold Coast Australia


Then, Erin took Birri Junior to watch penguins swim

A few days after his wildly popular adventure, Sea World brought Birri Junior on yet another adventure. This time, he and Erin went to visit the penguins over at Sea World’s Penguin Encounter. The sight of penguins zipping by in the water surely captivated our adventurer. According to Sea World, we can expect a third part of this adventure series soon. It seems that he will be having a lot of adventures, since Sea World has announced that they’ve extended their temporary closure until April 30th on account of the pandemic.

birri junior the sea lion watches penguin swim
Sea World – Gold Coast Australia


Birri Junior and penguins were clearly curious about one another

birri junior the sea lion meets penguins
Sea World – Gold Coast Australia


People are smitten about Birri Junior’s adventures

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Source: Sea World – Gold Coast Australia