Since Lockdown Began, Hank’s Been Getting New Hairstyles Each Day

Lifestyles have certainly been changed by the current pandemic situation. And just like the most of us, Hannah Heil and her husband also had to make some adjustments. This busy couple has never worked from home before this, so a lot of adjustments have to be made. And they’ve definitely realized that working from home comes with pros and cons. Sometimes their Internet connection gets in the way of their productivity. But at least they can spend time with their gentle Newfoundland named Hank whenever they want!

“Something that helped with this stress was Hank,” Hannah shared. “Whenever we needed a break or something seemed to go wrong, we could go sit down with him for a few minutes.”

And during their newly-estblished “Hank breaks”, Hannah began playing with the gentle giant’s hair. Creating different hairstyles and giving Hank a makeover has certainly helped the Heils deal with the quarantine. And they’ve decided to share the fun to their friends and family by creating an Instagram account dedicated to fun-tastic transformations!

“Hank has wild hair that we believe portrays his mood, plus it’s fun to play with. While taking these ‘Hank breaks’, we started giving him hairstyles to make each other laugh. We figured it could lift our spirits, maybe it could lift our friends’ and families’ as well. We started posting whatever we could come up with in the morning before work.”


Hannah Heil and her husband have taken to dressing up their pet Newfoundland named Hank to keep themselves entertained during the quarantine period

This bonding activity is absolutely uncanny, but Hank doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seems to be enjoying his parents’ undivided attention. What dog, no matter their size, wouldn’t enjoy being petted, brushed, and given rewards afterwards? Coincidentally, Hannah’s hairstyling habit on Hank may have been inspired by someone who she holds dear to her heart. Just before the quarantine took effect, the Heils had attended a big family reunion that celebrated what would have been the 100th birthday of Hannah’s late-grandmother.

“Gammy loved animals, and I think she probably would have enjoyed these pictures. The best part is that Hank enjoys it as well, and has been a very good model to work with!”


Hank’s parents create looks for that are inspired by pop culture and real life


These makeovers will continue until the end of the quarantine

“Hank is a classic example of the Newfoundland breed: patient, loving, and loyal,” Hannah continued. “He is also the most photogenic dog we have owned, and I think he loves all the attention he gets while both of us are home. Self-isolation has been fantastic to Hank, he gets 24/7 mom and dad time! ot much can bother Hank. As long as he gets kisses and a Kong chew toy after, it’s his perfect day.”

As of writing, the stylish Newfie’s Instagram now has over 8,000 followers. We’re pretty sure that this number will continue to increase as the quarantine period stretches on. Doesn’t this just confirm that our pets are having the time of their lives right now, right? We here at Awesome Inventions are hoping that you all remain healthy and happy despite this challenging time. So what are you waiting for? Share this to someone you know needs some cheering up because they’re bummed about having to stay home 24/7 now.

Source: Instagram