DIY Micro-Camper Converts Into A Boat And You Can Get The Plans To Build Your Own

With the pandemic lockdown still in effect, more and more people have been diving into DIY. It passes the time and you have something new at the end. During the quarantine period, it seems like a DIY Micro-Camper has been all the rage. One of which is the cute camper playhouse for kids that lets kids experience glamping right in the backyard. Now if you’re planning to create something that you can use for the summer then we’ve got the perfect plan for you.

This plan will help you construct a Mini Camper Cruiser. As the name suggests, this mini camper can be easily converted into a boat. So, you can use it for camping and for cruising making it the perfect commodity for the summer. This multi-functional project is easy to build by anyone who knows how to use common tools. It was conceptualized by Australian designer Craig Titmus. He was inspired by the concept of creating a boat that has generous capacity and the ability to be converted into a land camper. This would allow anyone to spend the night and sleep in comfort after a whole day of cruising.


DIY Micro-Camper Cruiser

micro-camper converts into a boat

As a boat, this DIY Camper measures 12 feet long, 4 feet wide and 34 inches high which comfortably accommodates 4 occupants. It features a hull speed of about 6 mph with a small motor. Propulsion can be provided by an electric trolling motor or a small gas outboard. You can also opt to just stand up and paddle around the water. Optional oar locks can be installed to allow you to sit down and row.

micro-camper cruiser


diy dual function mini camper cruiser


diy mini camper cruiser


diy boat converts into micro-camper


diy easy to transport mini camper

To convert it into a camper, simply flip the boat back to reveal a bedspace that can accommodate 2 occupants. First, lift and fold the rear seat and place it into the camper module. You can do this by unscrewing the safety bolts and lifting the rear bolt module onto the top of the camper module. Then secure the top with 4 small bolts for security. As a camper, it measures 7 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4.5 feet high.

trailable mini camper cruiser


mini camper-cruiser door


micro-camper cruiser door


mini camper-cruiser interior bedspace


diy boat and camper in one


multi-functional mini camper


micro-camper cruiser trailable


trailable micro-camper cruiser


mini camper cruiser in action


mini camper cruiser 4-seater


micro-camper doubles as a boat


mini camper-cruiser

The detailed plan for this DIY Camper is available for purchase here. Take note that the plan allows customizable options where the builder can get creative by adding more features and expansions into the vessel. In addition to the PDF plan, you can also download the study plan for free.

Source: Duckworks | Portable Boat Plans