These Magical Sugar Cookies Are Stuffed With Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Need more magic in your life? Well, Pillsbury knows just how to do it by launching the Lucky Charms Cookie Dough. These place-and-bake cookies feature Pillsbury sugar cookies blended with our favorite Lucky Charms marshmallows. It’s like getting the goodness of cereal, marshmallows and cookies in one delectable treat. What a time to be alive, indeed!

This limited edition dough makes 12 sugar cookies with colorful marshmallow bits. And they’re not just ordinary marshmallows. They’re the magically delicious Lucky Charms marshmallows from our all-time favorite cereal. Now we can enjoy the tasty marshmallows, not just in our cereal, but in our cookies to. In addition the Pillsbury Cookie Dough has all your favorite marshmallow shapes including the pink heart, blue moon, purple horseshoe, rainbow and green four-leaf clover.

sugar cookies with marshmallow bits


pillsbury lucky charms cookies dough


sugar cookies with marshmallow bits package back


pillsbury lucky charms cookies dough ready to bake

The pre-cut cookie dough is ready-to-bake and only takes about 20 minutes to bake in a 350-degree oven. Furthermore, the cookie dough is twice as big as the regular Pillsbury cookie. You can find these yummy goodies in selected stores nationwide. But just to make sure its available, you can check your nearest Walmart stores here. Add more colors and sweetness to your usual snack time with the Pillsbury Lucky Charms Cookie Dough.


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It’s Review Time! ?? Lucky Charm’s have been a staple cereal since basically the beginning of time ! And with that, we have seen several cool things come out over the years in collaboration with them, such as shoes, socks, all marshmallow boxes and even toy’s! Well @luckycharms is back with their newest collab and this one is INCREDIBLE: I present in conjunction with @pillsbury the new Limited Edition Lucky Charms Sugar Cookies! • • Now I know you’re already drooling all over the place, so let’s get straight into this review! I opened up the bag and boy they were not kidding on the package; there were 12 HUGE cookie dough ball’s laid out inside, def bigger than any other sugar cookie i’ve made before! The bigger the better! I tried one raw and man was it SWEET. Like extremely sweet and I love sweet stuff, but it was still very good and I was fairly certain that the finished product would be nowhere near as overpowering in the sweet department. I placed them all out on a pan and threw them in the oven. Now a piece of advice for everyone out there: watch these as they bake, as I only cooked these for the shortest amount of time it said on the package and they were still a little dark golden color, so these cook fast! I picked out my favorite cookie and took a bite, and was immediately greeted with heaven in my mouth! The sugar cookie tasted great and was very soft and inviting, meanwhile the marshmallows in the cookie had expanded and melted down making for a jammed packed flavor of Lucky Charms with each bite! The only problem I see here is I had one the next day and since the marshmallow had melted, the next day it was just a hard thin thin layer making it almost impossible to taste the marshamllows anymore, and making the cookie a little chewier. But none the less they’re still incredible cookies, I just suggest eating them all when there freshly baked! 8/10 ? Great job @pillsbury @luckycharms ?

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