LOL-Worthy Photos to help you jumpstart your day with a laugh

Coffee may give you the energy you need to start your day. But you’ll need something more than energy to help you through the day. You’ll also need a boost of laughter and we got these LOL-worthy photos to give you what you need. So get your daily dose of caffeine and your daily dose of laughter all in the comfort of your seat. No need to go anywhere else because we’ve got your morning covered. Enjoy these LOL-worthy photos and greet the morning with a healthy laugh. Don’t forget to Laugh-Out-Loud!


I’m not so sure about this because that sounds like something a policeman would say.

Reddit | xxshadowraidxx

Mom always knows best so when she says you suck, she really means that you really suck.

Reddit | ggbuttstead

This bakeshop is in need of a baker and its use of pun in this job posting is so spot-on.

Reddit | chelsealrp

Hello, are there humans in there? I’m here to rummage your kitchen for food so you better bring them to me now before I break this door.

Reddit | Bear6677

Not. On. My. Watch

Reddit | ObviousAttitude

We always have that valuable thing we can’t live without. While most people can’t leave the house without their phones, this guy can’t leave the house without a hot sauce with him.

Reddit | stargazingmissfit

Don’t ever attempt to use a foreign language that you don’t know just to look cool because it will definitely backfire.

Imgur | hithereimTsukuyomi

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Finally, a plan that actually makes sense. What else is left to do during evacuation than to run?

evacuation plan run lol worthy photos
Reddit | terminatorgeek

Mad Max is definitely gonna be mad at this lame copycat.

Reddit | croweschmo

This business establishment went too bold to gamble on its name. Anyway, who gives a fox about it?

Imgur | Jerrinq

This one doesn’t look too serious to require some troubleshooting.

Reddit | dukethedemon

How to fat-shame someone in the sweetest way possible.

Reddit | ThisIsTrix

We might as well prepare for a salmonella outbreak if this becomes a thing.

Know Your Meme

Not today, banana peel. Nice try but not today.

Imgur | Venzzyy