Funny Russian Wedding Photos You Won’t Want To Recreate

You’ve probably seen some awkward wedding photos, but maybe none like these Russian wedding photos that we’re about to show you. If you’re looking for an idea for a great wedding photo, the internet has lots to offer. But when it comes to weirdness, Russia definitely takes the cake. Everyone wants to have a unique wedding concept but Russians seem to take uniqueness to a whole new level. There’s actually a thin line between ingenuity and oddity. It’s good to be out of the ordinary as long as it doesn’t make people cringe. So we will just let you decide if you think these hilarious wedding photos are fantastic or not. Check out these funny Russian wedding photos you won’t want to recreate. They will certainly make you say “Why did they agree to this?”



Let’s turn the bride into a violin and let the groom play her. Very disturbing concept.

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This rendition of the Russian fairy tale The Princess Frog should’ve been a hit if only the whole world knew about the story. But since only Russia knows about this story, this photo seems a bit awkward in the eyes of the people outside Russia.

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Was it too much trouble to wait for the bride to fix her garter before you click the shutter?

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They’re giving us a glimpse of a Mafia wedding. Poor guests have to be shot dead for the sake of this photo.


Every girl needs a strong man who can lift a bridal car with ease.

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He finally found a girl for keeps because he can literally keep her in his pocket.

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The beautiful bride of the sea takes her march down the ocean aisle just like a jet ski.

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Russian wedding photos that will make you cringe



Watermelons are the groom’s greatest pleasure. I think the message is clear on this photo.

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Marriage is either a hit or miss so make sure you hit the target.

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This newlywed couple have high regards for animal life so instead of using live birds, they used the dead ones instead.


Since it’s her big day, let the bride take care of everything. She can also give you the entertainment to keep the party going.

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We get the idea of a gender-swap in this photo. But can we talk about how shady-looking that restroom is?

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The queen is in control of everything. Anyone who goes against the queen will be stabbed with a bread loaf in the mouth.

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You should take a wedding seriously and there should be no horsing around.

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Grooms are like genies in a bottle. They’ll make all your wishes come true if you know how to rub them the right way. So weird!