Absurd People Who Have Defied the Laws of Logic

Let me get this straight to begin with. These people are not stupid, they just think differently than most people. They may not have a clue but their peculiarity is too hilarious that makes them more amusing than other people. As much as we don’t want to admit, we’re all a little more absurd than we believe. In fact, whenever we try to focus on logical decisions, there’s always that faint silliness that distracts us. That ridiculous thought that tries to sway us away from logic and attempts to liberate us from reasons. So what happens if we let our absurdity take over our sound judgment? These photos of absurd people will show you.



When the cap is more valuable than the pen.

That’s too much of a burden to bear.

A can opener is a good substitute for a can opener. It’s a bit confusing but I guess it all depends on your preference.

Translation: To all customers!!! The store isn’t open due to the closure.

Try not to scratch your head on this one. Impossible, right?

Does this engineer know that straight line makes the shortest distance?

Why would anyone want to watch someone doing their own business in the bathroom?

When you’re at war against yourself.

Absurd people do silly things that can either amuse or bemuse us.


Does everything always has to follow style over function?

The mystery of DNA is baffling enough and this kid just made it more complicated.

The sign reads: Elevator Under Repair. Date of completion: When we finish the repair, of course.

This power strip won’t turn on. I think it’s defective.

Is this an elevator or a bathroom? Seems like the engineer can’t make up his mind on this.

When you realized that you’ve been betrayed by your own belief for 10 years.

That certain part of a cap was designed for a reason. It never hurts to use it.