Funny Tinder Conversations Showing The Humor of Online Flirting

Finding romance has never been the same since Tinder and other dating sites took place. And you’re about to see the hilarious side of online dating with these funny Tinder conversations. Meeting and chatting with total strangers has never been more convenient with Tinder. But be careful with your pickup line because your success in romance depends on it. Searching for the right one on Tinder is either a hit or miss. So make sure you make a good lasting impression with your catchy lines. If you’re not new to Tinder, you’ve probably had your own share of hilarious encounters with someone. But if you haven’t got any idea of what’s going on, take a look at these funny Tinder conversations showing the humor of online flirting. You can learn a thing or two from these people.



You know how bad you are at flirting when someone finds death sweeter than your cheesy pickup line.

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This is absolutely the coldest summer we’ve ever seen so far.

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May his chance at romance, rest in peace.

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This blockhead thinks he’s playing it cool but he got served big time with his poor grammar.

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Appendix or any internal organ should be banned from any Tinder conversation because using them is a guaranteed failure. Awkward!

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Flirting 101: Always check your spelling before hitting the Press button.


Stay away from overused jokes or the corny puns if you want to succeed in flirting.

worst pun ever funny tinder conversations
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Hilarious Tinder pickup lines you will laugh at



Maybe you should just let a small error pass by.

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What did the avocado ever do to you?

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We can almost hear it in Liam Neeson’s voice.

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But why waste time meddling with other people’s belief?

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Being covered in peanut butter is gross but seeing someone swelling up from allergy is more gross.

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Honesty is the best policy but you should know how to run away when the situation calls for it.

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Yu can’t escape from name puns on Tinder.

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Holy guacamole! Jesus has a Tinder account and his profile picture says it all. We can’t help but laugh at his Tinder bio.

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