Oreo Mint Hot Cocoa Mix Is The Only Chocolatey Drink You Need To Get Through Winter

The winter holiday season is a time for family gatherings and cozy nights in with overflowing hot chocolate. This year, why not level up your hot cocoa fix with the Oreo Mint Hot Cocoa Mix? Yup. You read that right! This version of the original Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix is back to give you all the festive feels with every mug! It goes without saying that the combination of mint and chocolate is the season’s most iconic flavor. And our favorite snack brand has figured out the most delicious way to blend it into a drink. Per the description, the drink “brings together three familiar flavors to create an entirely new flavor sensation”.

The festive hot cocoa mix from Oreo is the perfect way to get that sugary Christmas rush while calming down from all the excitement! Its return to the shelves gives us the idea that this minty version of the classic holiday drink may just become a mainstay in Nabisco’s seasonal range. And we’re basically bouncing like giddy little elves about it!

Oreo Mint Hot Cocoa Mix


Step up your cocoa game with the Oreo Mint Hot Cocoa Mix

The drink mix is exactly what it sounds like. It promises a rich flavor and texture with the Oreo Cookie Crumbles mixed into the mint-infused, dark cocoa powder. The brand changed the game entirely when they introduced the Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix in 2017.  It’s kind of like a special coffee house drink that you can have in the comfort of your own home! You can mix the cocoa with hot water or some creamy milk to make it extra rich. According to Nabisco, the ready-mix drink tastes just as (or more) delicious as similar products from other brands.




Oreo is definitely spoiling us this holiday season. We highly recommend dipping the Oreo candy canes in this sweet sip while dunking some Peppermint Bark Oreos to! Each box contains 8 packets of rich, minty goodness. The seasonal mix has been spotted on store shelves. However, if you find yourself unable to get yourself a box the good old fashioned way, you can get it here.