LEGO’s Botanical Collection Includes A Flower Bouquet And Bonsai Tree

There’s always something that stays with us even as we age – just like our love for LEGO. To cater to adults, the leading toy company continues to introduce new sets specifically designed for adults. And we have good news for all plant-loving adults out there – the LEGO Botanical Collection allows you to create plants that will never die. And it includes 2 building kits to let you build 2 beautiful displays: a flower bouquet and a bonsai tree.

We’ve seen a spike in the popularity of plants in the time of Covid-19 pandemic. Many people resorted to gardening and houseplants to pass the time during the lockdown. Furthermore, caring for plants helped reduce stress brought about by the pandemic scare. All LEGO sets for adults are carefully curated and designed to relieve anxiety and stress, which are the common enemy of all adults. Combining the stress-relieving benefits of building bricks and the positive energy that plants provide – the LEGO Botanical Collection is the ultimate stress-buster.


LEGO Botanical Collection

lego botanical collection

The collection includes two sets to choose from: the 756-piece Flower Bouquet and the 878-piece Bonsai Tree. Of course, you can get them both to have twice the stunning display. The Flower Bouquet set features an impressive flower display inspired by real flowers including roses, daisies, poppies, snapdragons, asters, and grasses. Build each flower by positioning the petals and leaves on the adjustable stem.

The set consists of 15 adjustable stems with customizable elements in a host of charming colors and realistic shapes. You can change the length of the stems and arrange the blooms any way you want. Please note that the building kit doesn’t include a vase or a container.


Flower Bouquet Building Kit

lego botanical collection flower bouquet



lego botanical collection flower bouquet set


flower bouquet building kit adjustable stems


flower bouquet building kit


flower bouquet set


lego botanical collection flower bouquet building kit

Inspired by the traditional symbol of harmony and balance, the Bonsai Tree is designed to capture the beauty of the ancient Japanese horticulture technique. The bonsai tree model measures 7 inches high and 7.5 inches wide which is the average size of the real thing. It includes interchangeable pieces so you can swap from the classic green leaves to pink cherry blossom blooms and vice versa. What’s more, the Bonsai Tree building kit also comes with a rectangular pot and a slatted wood-effect stand.


Bonsai Tree Building Kit

lego botanical collection bonsai tree


lego botanical collection bonsai tree interchangeable leaves


lego botanical collection bonsai tree building kit


bonsai tree building kit



bonsai tree set


bonsai tree building kit life-size

Source: Amazon | Flower Bouquet | Bonsai Tree