Beautiful LEGO Orchid And Succulents Sets Designed To Help Adults With Stress Relief

Plants make people happy. Sadly, it might be otherwise for people who are not blessed with a green thumb. Well, if you’re among these unfortunate ones who are struggling to keep their houseplants thriving, then these LEGO Orchid and Succulents sets might just be for you!

Coming just in time for this year’s Mother’s Day, the new sets are the latest additions to the toy company’s Botanical Collection. As the name suggests, the collection consists of several building kits that take inspiration from real-life flowers and plants. Specifically designed for adults, the kits aim to provide grownups with a unique way to de-stress and express their creativity.

lego orchid and succulents sets


flower vase building brick kit


lego succulents set tabletop display


lego succulents set shelf display


These Orchid and Succulents sets are the latest additions to LEGO’s Botanical Collection

The Orchid building set allows you to build a charming brick orchid plant that comes in a blue fluted vase. It features multiple stems that hold six large blossoms, two baby blooms, and five leaves. To give it an authentic appeal, the model also includes two buildable wandering aerial roots, a vase, and bark pieces. Overall, the 608-piece model measures over 15″ high, 11.5″ wide, and 9.5″ deep.

lego orchid set


lego botanical collection orchid set


floral building brick kit


floral stem building brick


lego orchid building set

Consisting of 771 pieces, the Succulents building kit lets you assemble nine different succulent species. Each succulent comes with its own pot, so you can display them individually throughout your room. If you prefer to showcase them collectively, you may also do so using the linking blocks included in the set. Collectively, the model measures over 5″ high, 6.5″ wide, and 6.5″ deep.

lego succulents set


lego succulents building set


cacti building brick kit


connectable cacti building brick kit


brick cacti building kit


brick cacti display collection

As with any LEGO kits, both models are perfectly customizable. So, you can arrange the blocks and display the finished pieces however you like. Indeed, building the models would make for a relaxing me-time activity. Nonetheless, you can also use it as an opportunity to bond with your loved ones by inviting them to join in on the fun.

plant decor building brick kit


plant decor building kit for adults

The Botanical Collection also includes three other kits featuring a Bird of Paradise plant, a Flower Bouquet, and a Bonsai Tree. All designs are currently available for purchase on LEGO’s website.

lego botanical collection

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