LEGO Is Recreating Van Gogh’s Famous ‘Starry Night’ Painting Into A 3D LEGO Set

There’s almost nothing you can’t recreate out of LEGO bricks—from pop culture references, historical landmarks, and so much more. Now, it’s also possible to transform Vincent van Gogh’s 1889 world-renowned piece into a brick diorama with The Starry Night 3D LEGO set.

Submitted by LEGO Ideas Club Member legotruman in July 2020, the project successfully garnered 10,000 supporters within a month. And just recently, the toy brick brand has finally approved it for production. So, it’s only a matter of time before we can get our hands on this masterpiece!

starry night 3d lego set


vincent van gogh painting brick diorama


Consisting of 1,552 pieces, the Starry Night 3D LEGO Set pays homage to one of the Dutch painter’s most remarkable artworks of all time

It recreates the iconic painting in a 3D scene, staying true to the artwork’s distinct color palette and the artist’s signature brushstrokes. It also features an assortment of bricks to emulate the painterly scene as accurately as possible.

vincent van gogh starry night 3d lego set

Brackets and clips constitute the swirling night sky, while stacked plates make up the bushes and hillsides. Meanwhile, the cypress tree consists of plates and curved pieces of varying sizes. Also, a personal favorite of the designer is “the inclined plate stack on the right, capturing the angled brushstrokes within the moon-lit cloud.”

vincent van gogh starry night 3d lego set legotruman

Of course, the artwork wouldn’t be complete without the artist himself. So, the set also includes a van Gogh Minifigure which comes complete with a paintbrush and a painting palette. In addition, the set comes with an easel and a mini The Starry Night painting on printed tile. As the pieces come together, it would be as though the artist is working on his masterpiece in real time.

vincent van gogh miniature brick diorama


vincent van gogh painting miniature brick diorama

According to the brand, they’re currently working on the set’s final design, pricing, as well as release date. So, be sure to check LEGO’s website regularly for updates on the set’s availability. In the meantime, you may check out legotruman’s other pending proposals, including this My LEGO Totoro set.

Source: LEGO Ideas