Artists Create Hand-Blown Molten Glass Vases Using Fallen Trees

Mother Nature creates the most beautiful works of art. But human artistry enhances their beauty even more. Los Angeles-based artist Scott Slagerman, in collaboration with artist Jim Fishman, uses molten glass blowing technique to sculpt glass vases within wooden enclosures. By integrating two vastly different materials, each sculpture presents an abstract form that beautifully unifies a natural material and a man-made object.

Each sculptural piece is formed by hand blowing molten glass directly into the U-shaped crevice of the wood. The Wood & Glass collection includes pieces featuring a combination of translucent glass and warm wood that creates an alluring contrast. As a piece of décor, it can be easily integrated in almost all styles of home décor. Be it in a modern contemporary home design or in traditional and rustic setting.


Artists Combine Glass and Wood To Create Charming Glass Vases

The Wood & Glass collection may sound simple but each piece involves labor-intensive process that requires precise movement and speed. Furthermore, the process is both delicate and dangerous since the molten glass is set and blown directly in a flammable enclosure. But the fragility and fluidity of molten glass makes it the perfect medium in making stunning sculptural pieces, either in large scale and small scale works.

“How it [glass] is transformed from a fragile, yet unyielding solid state to molten fluidity and back again,” Slagerman writes, “and how this mutable substance, through a process that is both delicate and dangerous, can create objects both essential and esoteric.”


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Molten Glass Blowing Technique Applied In Wood

Slagerman’s work with glass and wood represents a new technique of combining different materials and different processes of how it can be done. Moreover, Slagerman uses only locally-sourced materials to promote sustainability and environmentally-friendly art. And you’ll be glad to know that these mesmerizing glass sculptures are up for sale. They are available in small scale, large scale, and hearts designs.