Hilarious Parenting Tweets During The Lockdown That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Are you in need of some quarantine stories from moms and dads that you can relate to? Just sit back and let us serve you these hilarious, relatable parenting tweets up on a plate. It’s not easy being a parent, at least that’s something we can all agree on. But some moms and dads recently just realized what parenthood truly is during quarantine. Thankfully for these parents, they have Twitter to vent their thoughts (and frustrations) about being a parent during these stressful times.

Many parents used to wake up early to cook breakfast and prepare their kids for school. After dropping their kids off at school, they spend their entire day for work, pick up their kids from school and go home. That was the normal life of parents that we know. But the current pandemic situation totally changed everything.


Hilarious Parenting Tweets: Quarantine Edition

Schools are now closed and kids are never allowed to go outside their homes. Most businesses are closed and workers are mandated to work from home for the meantime.  Now this becomes a tough challenge for work-from-home parents. While at home, they need to juggle their work with homeschooling and taking care of their kids. If you think that doesn’t sound grueling enough, let these parents share their experiences to you through these funny tweets.



In this situation, parents are required to multi-task and manage their time evenly. So they can have their work done and take good care of the kids at the same time. As taxing as it sounds, parents shouldn’t show any signs of discouragement or panic. Parents need to understand that children are not used to a life in quarantine. In worse cases, self-isolation can have an adverse effect on their overall well-being. Showing any sign of frustration or any negative emotion can take a toll on their emotional and mental health.



Despite all the burden of parenthood, you need to make sure that you stay positive in front of your kids. And while it’s important to ensure that your kids continue learning, we highly advise that you pay attention to yourself too. Allot an hour for your ‘me time’ and isolate yourself in a secluded room where no one can disturb you. This will help you calm your body and clear up your mind. Of course, getting enough sleep and eating nutritious foods can help boost your mood and your immune system.