A Full-Size Volkswagen Camper Has Been Made Using 400,000 LEGO Bricks Complete With Retro Interior

What if you had the chance to build a full size LEGO Volkswagen Camper, would you?

The company LEGO has certified master makers of anything LEGO. And, two of them embarked on a fantastic journey. Guess what they did — they worked on creating a replica of one of the classic favorites among Volkswagen vehicles: the Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi. The thing had to be realistic, so it took six weeks for the men to build it.

What’s even more fascinating is that they had to use 400,000 LEGO pieces to finish the craft. The resulting replica can support two adults (in terms of weight). So, you wouldn’t find it very hard to crawl up inside. Yes, you can freely explore the retro-looking interior and take time to be amazed at the life-size LEGO Volkswagen!

full size LEGO Volkswagen Camper

If you’re not that familiar with the Type 2 Kombi, by the way, it’s a passenger van. The team behind the production was, of course, very proud. And, they presented the vehicle at Germany’s f.re.e Travel and Leisure Fair. Of course, that was in honor of its classic Volkswagen camper model.

It was in the 1950s that the iconic Volkswagen camper, Type 2 Kombi, was introduced. Also, it was Volkswagen’s second model. Do you know what the first was? It’s the Beetle (which, of course, remains one of the most well-known models even to date).

For 6 weeks, two master makers worked to build a LEGO Volkswagen Camper in full size using 400,000 LEGO pieces. It’s a replica of the iconic Type 2 Kombi.

windows full size LEGO Volkswagen Camper

The Type 2 has soon become the symbol of the 1950s and the 1960s culture, aptly coined “on the road.” The LEGO master markers Rene Hoffmeister, and Pascal Lenhardbuilt surely know these facts. As such, they have added several homey elements into the vehicle’s interior.

Here are some samples: a hot plate, toothbrushes, dishes, sink, a folding table, and a radio. Guess what — the master have crafted all these from LEGO pieces! You will definitely feel like the van is the place to live. They’ve also added some finishing touches, such as a retro work of art. You’ll also find a spiderweb hanging out on the sink. It’s kind of whimsy, but of course, that’s the point!

This full size LEGO Volkswagen camper has a steel frame weighing 1,543 pounds or 700 kg. Ain’t that massive? Plus, it has fully functioning lights and a sliding door — yes, just like the original one!

cozy interior full size LEGO Volkswagen Camper


kitchen full size LEGO Volkswagen Camper


lights full size LEGO Volkswagen Camper

There’s just one drawback, though. That is, this LEGO Volkswagen can’t drive. Despite the fact, you might still appreciate it if we told you that this isn’t the first time LEGO and Volkswagen collaborated. And, if you want to avail of your own camper, you may check out LEGO’s Volkswagen T1 Camper Van. Well, it may not be of full-size, but at least this 11-inch long version could look great on your desk! (The full-size replica, by the way, is at 16.4 feet or 5 meters long.)

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Source: Volkswagen / Designboom