12 Awesome Uncles You’ll Wish Were Part Of Your Family

Having a cool uncle is amazing. Sadly, not all of us are lucky enough, and we get saddled with boring uncles, but for those of you out there with a fun one, you’ll no how awesome it can be. Because, unlike your parents, they don’t have the ultimate responsibility of making sure you turn out to be a decent human being they’re generally more lenient with you. For example they might buy you cool age-inappropriate things, don’t get annoyed when you cuss and let you eat candy until you barf! Check out these twelve uncles who are doing it right!

This uncle who always has time for a tea party.

This uncle who went to space with a ‘Lego’ figure, and back!

This uncle who knows that if you can’t earn the love of your nieces and nephews, you can force it on them.

This uncle who knows that pizza is the way to anyone’s heart.

This uncle who’s always ready to try new things.

This uncle who trolled his nephews in the most adorable way!

This uncle who let his nephew play with his epic ‘Lego’ creations.

This uncle who’s not afraid to match with his niece.

This uncle who donned a princess outfit to make his niece feel comfortable wearing her’s.

This uncle who gives the best gifts.

And the same goes for this uncle.

This uncle who was taking ‘selfies’, way before they were cool!

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