This Sprinkler Pool For Kids Has An Adjustable Spray Height

Swimming pools are a luxury during the summer season and they are a great way to get kids outdoors. But if you don’t have your own pool, you can look for other alternatives that could give your kids hours of fun in the comfort of your backyard. Just like this kiddie sprinkler pool which is sure to provide exciting water games for your little tots to enjoy.

This inflatable water play mat is a wading pool and sprinkler in one. It has two separate air chambers, one for the outer ring and one for the center mat. Inflate both parts using a manual or electric air pump (not included). When fully inflated, the entire thing should have a diameter of 68 inches to offer ample room for your kids to wade and play around. To activate the sprinklers, plug your standard garden hose into the water inlet and rotate the valve to prevent leaks. Adjust the water pressure to choose your preferred spray height. At full water pressure, it can give you up to 3 feet high water jets.


Kiddie Sprinkler Pool

kiddie sprinkler pool water jet

The elevated outer ring holds and collects the water from the sprinklers into the center mat to create a shallow water pool. Your little toddlers can sit in the pool without any risk. But for their safety, we strictly recommend parental supervision while they’re using it. Let them cool off on hot summer days as they splash around under the water fountains. And when the pool is full, they can calm down and simply lounge in the shallow water.

kiddie sprinkler pool


Adjustable Water Spray Height

water play mat with adjustable spray height


backyard play mat shallow water

This sprinkler pool is made from durable eco-friendly PVC with a high frequency welding process used at the seams to prevent bursts and ruptures during use. The anti-slip mat also features bright colors and a cute sea animals design surrounded by the letters of the alphabet to keep them learning while they play. This summer, entice your kids to spend more time in the outdoors and get them off their electronic gadgets by giving them this fun wading pool with sprinklers.

backyard play mat water jets


kiddie sprinkler pool yellow


backyard play mat adjustable spray pressure

The sprinkler pool is available in blue and yellow colors. Even adults can join in and have splashing water fun to beat the heat. And although it looks like a pool lounger, keep in mind that this is NOT intended to be used as a float. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This was a huge hit! I have a 3 and 5 year old and they really loved it. The plastic is sturdy and the design is fun for the kids. I also liked how deep the pool was. My 3 year old sat in it a few inches deeper than her belly button. The sprinkles on the edges are so fun too and I like how you can control the height.”

kiddie sprinkler pool backyard


water play mat for kids


kiddie sprinkler pool adjustable water jets


wading pool with water jets

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