The ‘Inflatabull’ Is A Ride-On Bull Float That Brings Lots Of Fun To The Pool

Enjoy a fun-filled bull-riding experience on water with this inflatable bull ride-on float. Aptly named the ‘Inflat-A-Bull’, this pool toy brings the excitement of riding a mechanical bull right to the water. So you can have endless hours of rodeo fun with your family and friends. If you haven’t successfully tamed an aggressive bull before, this is your chance to become the greatest rodeo rider, at least on the water.

This easy-to-inflate float features a bucking bull designed with photo-realistic printing technology. Tame the fierce-looking bull by staying mounted on it as long as you can. And win the rodeo competition by beating all records. The Inflat-A-Bull is connected to a large outer tube ring to keep you safe if you fall off the bucking bull.


Inflatable Bull Ride-On Float

mechanical bull riding on water

The ride-on float has a strong grab handle on its back. So, it’s up to you to get a grip and make sure you don’t fall off no matter what. The outer ring has four heavy-duty handles. To get on the bull, have other people hold the outer ring by the handles to keep the floatie steady. The rider has to pull themselves up to ride the thing. When the rider is settled, those holding the outer ring can start tugging the handles to rock the Inflat-A-Bull. The rider will then have to keep their balance to stay on it as long as possible.

inflat-a-bull pool toy


inflatable bull ride-on float


bull ride-on float pool

This float is made of durable 17.5 gauge vinyl with 3 separate air chambers for safety. When fully inflated, it measures 94 inches long, 77 inches wide and 32 inches thick with a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds. You can also use it on beaches, lakes or rivers. The Inflat-A-Bull also comes with a repair patch but take note that it doesn’t include an air pump. A manual or electric pump should inflate this thing in seconds. One happy buyer wrote:

“The bull has held up very well to children, rowdy adults, saltwater, cement and sun! It takes some practice and balance to stay on this thing, but watching everyone fall off is half the fun!”

mechanical bull on water


bucking bull ride-on float pool




bull ride-on float pool toy


inflat-a-bull water rodeo


inflat-a-bull pool floatie


inflat-a-bull bull ride-on float

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