Combine A Computer Monitor And A Mirror To Create Everything You Need

When you want to give someone a special gift, it can be hard to think of just the right thing. One person who knew just what they wanted to give their close friend was Imgur user ‘ctrlaltdylan’. The creative guy wanted to make a mirror with a difference. By combining a double sided mirror with a computer monitor, the results were incredible. This gift is definitely one of a kind and below we have the detailed process in case you feel like giving the project a go! Take a look!

This is the double sided mirror that has an acrylic/plastic like feel to it. It needed to be a similar size to the computer monitor.

This is the monitor that was used along side the mirror.

The plastic around the monitor was removed using a paint scraper to pry at the edges. 

Ctrlaltdylan stresses that you need to be careful when removing the monitor controls.

How the monitor looked exposed. The green piece at the bottom is the control panel. 

Four 4×2 pieces of wood were used to create a case for the monitor. Clamps were used to hold everything in place whilst the sides were screwed. You want a flush fit so that the monitor is held well but can be easily removed.

Here you can see the frame being built. 

The mirror was cut to size using a band saw. Be careful not to inhale the plastic dust.

It fits in the case nicely!

Success! The mirror is allowing light to shine through it. What you can see is diagnostic text.

Raspberry Pi was plugged in before cable management was completed.

Painters tape was used to secure the wires.

A back cover was created using thin breadboard like material with 4 screws added to hold it in place. 

Here you see the Raspberry Pi booting sequence. Things are getting exiting!

Hooray! A compliment was placed at the bottom of the mirror for the recipient to enjoy and a weather widget was also added. 

You can’t see it but the icons are actually animated.

It’s safe to say the gift was well received! 

What an awesome invention!