This Illuminated Pool Lounger Will Light-Up Your Nighttime Dips

Nothing is more relaxing than lounging on a comfy floatie as you drift in water while gazing at the night sky. If night swimming is your thing, why not make the experience more magical and eye-catching? This illuminated pool lounger is just the thing for that. We’ve featured a lot of unique pool floats before. But for those who love to swim at night, this light-up float is the best.

This deluxe pool lounger contains 18 waterproof LED lights inside that can flash five different colors: blue, red, yellow, green and purple. The internal LED lights create a flash and glow effect for an incredible light show. With the colorful lights flashing from the raft, it becomes a spectacle that can make you the biggest star of the night pool party.


This Illuminated Pool Lounger Has Internal LED Lights That Flash In Five Different Colors

deluxe illuminated pool raft

It also flaunts an 18 pocket design featuring a coil beam style air mattress for optimum support and comfort. The 18 pockets even double as convenient cup holders to keep your favorite beverages at hand. This pool lounger is made of clear vinyl which is durable and transparent to allow the lights to have maximum visibility.

illuminated pool raft


illuminated pool raft internal led lights

The color-changing LED lights run on 3 replaceable AAA batteries which are included in the purchase. However, it doesn’t come with an air pump. So, you’ll need to have one available in order to inflate this pool lounger. This light-up inflatable raft will surely brighten up your night and your party. If you’re looking to add more mesmerizing lighting effects into your pool then you might also want to get this floating projection light.
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