Cat Paw Toy

If you’re a proud ailurophile then you need to get yourself this cat paw toy, even for no reason. Of course, you won’t be trying to search for the meaning of ailurophile if you really, really love cats. But if you admit being one then you’ll be happy to know that we’ve found another kitty-inspired item worthy to be added into your collection.

Everything about our feline friends are adorable but there’s something about their paws that makes them so irresistible. Those colorful and squishy toe beans are so cute, we can’t help but tempted to touch them. But of course, knowing how fickle these domestic felines are, you can’t just touch them anywhere you please. It all depends on their mood if they want to be touched or not. If they hiss at you or try to bite when you touch them, it’s best to stay away if you don’t want to regret anything. Or better yet, get this cat paw toy and satisfy your yearning. Well, that sounds weird but we can only assume that’s what they had in mind when they developed this odd-looking thing.


Cat Paw Toy

cat paw toy tortoiseshell pattern

So, what does this cat paw toy do? Nothing extraordinary, really. It’s a simple gun-like toy with a very realistic cat paw around the barrel. When you pull the trigger, the paw bends. In addition to the bending motion, this plaything also has a built-in speaker that plays a cat sound as you pull the trigger. Pull the trigger slowly to give off a friendly meow or pull it quickly to give off a loud roar. Fine, we’re taking back the ‘nothing extraordinary’ remark awhile back. This thing is actually amazing!

cat paw toy


kitty bending toe novelty item black


kitty bending toe novelty item realistic


cat paw toy realistic toe pads


orange tabby bending toe novelty

If you’re done playing with those squishy toe pads then you can use this cat paw toy to prank your kids or coworkers. Simply sneak behind your unsuspecting target, place the paw at the back of their head (or neck), and quickly pull the trigger, making sure that the bending paw touches their head. For sure, that loud roar is guaranteed to make them jump out of their seats. You can choose from 4 different colors for the paw: orange tabby, tortoiseshell, black, and white. The built-in speaker is powered by 3 LR44 batteries (included).

kitty bending toe novelty item prank


cat paw toy orange tabby


Watch this hilarious novelty item in action on the video below

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