This LEGO Waffle Maker Allows You To Build Any Brick Creation For Your Breakfast

As a kid, our mom would always tell us not to play with our food. But time has changed and now it’s okay to let our kids have fun while they eat their meal. And there’s nothing more fun than letting your kids build their own breakfast with this Building Brick Waffle Maker. This would surely remind you of the pancake maker that can make waffles in the shapes of mini dinosaurs, mini cars, and mini animals. But honestly, waffles in the shapes of building blocks are simply a cut above the rest.

This Building Brick Waffle Maker comes with heating plates featuring perfectly sized studs to create blocks that can interlock, just like LEGO bricks. Simply pour the batter evenly across the heating plate. Firmly close the pancake maker and let it cook for a few minutes. Remove each waffle blocks carefully from the non-stick molds and start building your house, bridge, castle, or whatever you can think of.


Building Brick Waffle Maker


lego waffle maker

You and your kids can build anything your imagination can come up with using the waffle blocks. Then you can finish off your creation by adding chopped fruits including strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and blueberries to add more colors. Add your favorite toppings and eat up your creation. But of course, you’ll want to take pictures of your creation first before eating it all up.

building brick waffle maker batter


building brick waffle maker interlocking blocks


building brick waffle maker


pancake breakfast lego blocks

The Building Brick Waffle Maker is an on-going project launched on Kickstarter. So, it’s not yet available as of the moment. In order to make this product concept a reality, it must meet its $7,500 goal on or before April 18. The great news is, the project already exceeded its goal and currently has a funding of over $204,000. So, it’s very likely that the project will surely roll out and begin shipping in August.

pancake lego blocks shapes


kids playing with breakfast


lego block shapes pancakes


building brick waffle maker with cooking plates


You can get the Building Brick Waffle Maker by availing any of the three pledge levels. A pledge of $50 comes with 1 waffle maker, a pledge of $75 comes with 1 waffle maker and 2 cooking plates, and a pledge of $100 comes with 1 waffle maker and 4 cooking plates. Check out the project’s Kickstarter page and choose your option.

Source: Kickstarter