Handheld Wine Preservation System Allows You To Pour Wine Without Removing The Cork

Pour and preserve your favorite wines anytime, anywhere with this handheld wine preservation system. Once a bottle of wine is uncorked or opened, the liquor is exposed to oxygen which causes the contents to oxidize. When oxygen from the air dissolved into the wine, a chemical reaction speeds up the evolution process that drastically makes the liquor hit its peak of optimal drinkability. But once the liquor hits it prime, it will start to decline quickly afterwards.  Therefore once you removed the cork from the bottle, you only have so much time to drink the liquor at its best. Even if you put back the cork on, the oxygen trapped in the bottle will further oxidize the wine which will result to loss of flavor and aroma, leaving it tasting flat or stale.

This handheld wine preservation system is specifically designed to let you pour wine without removing the cork. With the cork on, you can ensure that the remaining liquor in the bottle isn’t exposed to air. At the same time, you’re also preventing bacteria and mold in the air from entering that may further degrade the quality of the wine. This is why it is best to consume an uncorked wine the day you open it because the ‘leftover’ won’t be tasting as good as the first servings. But now you don’t have to worry about these things. This handy device ensures that your leftover is perfectly preserved inside the bottle even after many years.


Handheld Wine Preservation System

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The handheld wine preservation system features a Teflon-coated wine needle that is inserted into the cork. The wine needle is specially designed to be gentle on the cork. So when you remove the needle, the cork reseals naturally to protect the liquor. The wine preserver device comes with 2 argon gas capsules. One of which is to be loaded into the unit’s capsule load cell. When the needle is inserted into the bottle, it introduces a very small amount of oxygen into the bottle. This is where the 100% food grade argon gas comes into play. The inert gas displaces any oxygen in the bottle to keep the wine tasting and smelling its best.

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The Unit Includes 2 Argon Capsules

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Using this handheld wine preservation system is so easy. First, twist the cap off the device and insert the argon capsule into the cap. Place the cap back into the device. Squeeze the clamps and place them around the neck of the bottle with the needle directly above the cork. Press the trigger on top to clear the unit of any air. Hold the bottle with one hand and use the other hand to push the unit down until the needle is fully inserted into the cork. Then tip the bottle with the spout towards the glass. Press and release the trigger to pour wine into the glass.

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To remove the device from the bottle, place the bottle in upright position and hold the neck of the bottle with one hand. Use the other hand to pull the handle up to take out the needle from the cork. Squeeze the clamps and remove the device from the bottle. You can use the handheld wine preservation system to pour as many wines as you want, not just the one you have opened. So you and your guests can savor more types of wine in a single party. One argon capsule pours up to 15 5-oz glasses of wine. A customer review reads:

“The handheld wine preservation system lets me enjoy a nice glass of wine without needing to finish the entire bottle, or risking the quality of wine remaining in an unfinished bottle.”

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