Turn Your Under-Stairs Space Into A Room For Storing Your Wine Bottles

Often called a ‘dead space’, the cavity under the staircase is so often neglected and wasted. Instead of letting that tricky triangular spot go unused, you can maximize the space and turn it into a functional under-stairs wine rack. And if you’re using that space as a dumping ground for old shoes and other junks then you’re using it all wrong.

Rough Furniture, a manufacturing design studio in North Perth, Western Australia presented their new project concept called ‘Wave Rack’. The bespoke furniture features a slide-out wine shelf built into the awkward space under the stairs. The pull-out shelving has 39 slots to hold your exquisite collection of wines. Simply pull it out by the handle to access the storage shelf and push it back to close.


Under-Stairs Storage Wine Rack

under-the-staircase slide-out storage shelves

In addition to the slide-out wine rack, this custom-built under stairs wine cellar also has more shelves built into the inner side of the area. So, you can store more bottles of wines to optimize space and create practical storage solutions. Both the pull-out and side shelves are made from American oak. The storage construction is double glazed and climate controlled to keep your fine wines at their best. The large glass wall on the side allows you to see what’s inside and to let you flaunt your collection to your guests.

under-the-staircase dead space


bespoke furniture under-the-staircase storage shelves


under stairs wine rack slide out

If you live in Australia then you’re in luck because you can have the design studio build the under stairs wine rack in your home. For those living outside Australia, this innovative project might give you an idea on how to make use of that dead space into a functional and stylish storage area. If you’re looking for more inspirations then you might want to check out this other under stairs storage shelves design.

under stairs wine rack rough furniture


under stairs wine rack wooden shelves


under stairs wine rack

Source: Rough Furniture