Bat Rescue Organization Post Adorable Pics Of Bats To Change Your View On Them

Dubbed as blood suckers and disease carriers, bats often have a bad reputation that is largely undeserved. On top of that, their association with the novel coronavirus only makes their bad reputation even worse. As you can see, they’re getting a pretty bad rap right now. While it’s true that these flying mammals carry high profile pathogens that are deadly, they actually can’t pass diseases to humans if we just leave them alone. In fact, we have more reasons to be thankful for them than to be afraid of them.

These winged creatures play an important role in maintaining the health of global ecosystems. As pollinators, these mammals help pollinate flowers and spread plant seeds to allow new plants and trees to grow. Aside from pollination and seed dispersal, they also feed on insects and pests which are beneficial to crops and to farmers as well. Their absence would lead to substantial ecological consequences such as crop failure and economic damage. But if these facts didn’t change the way you look at them, then let these adorable photos do the talking.


Adorable Photos of Bats That Will Change The Way You Look At Them

Bats Queensland is a volunteer organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitate flying foxes and microbats in Southeast Queensland, Australia. Their goal is to rescue orphans and the sick and injured until they’re ready to be released to the wild. Furthermore, the non-profit organization aims to educate the public on the essential roles of the creatures in our ecosystem. All while dispelling the myths that have surrounded them.

And to show the world how cute and harmless they actually are, the organization shares photos of their adorable ‘patients’ on their Instagram page. Up close, you can see these lovely creatures hanging upside down, comfortably cloaked in blankets, napping and feeding. We’ve picked out the cutest photos to show that they’re not as terrifying as they are often wrongly depicted.


Photos like this one inform people to. For example this one highlights how dangerous barbed wire can be.


This is Daphne who is all cozy while recovering


but Rudi is just hanging around after an injury


Fallen is being so good while his dressing was being changed


and, this newborn is just adorable!


Here, we have a Little Button showing off his wings


while this baby has his wings closed and it looks like he is giving himself a hug!


This little one called Daniel has the cutest face


And, Wallen looks like he is smiling even after he was injured on barbed wire.

Now, you can see that these flying creatures are not as scary as you thought. Which cute photo is your favorite?

Source: Instagram page