This Junk Drawer Starter Kit Is Perfect For The Person Who Hasn’t Accumulated One Yet

Every household has a junk drawer—you know, that one drawer where you keep things that you never use. Yet somehow, you can’t manage to throw them away just yet because you’re hopeful you’ll be able to use them again someday. Well, we’re all probably guilty of doing the same, which makes this drawer an integral part of every home. In fact, there’s even an Etsy store that sells a junk drawer starter kit to help get new homeowners started.

This unique kit by Etsy store The Starter Kit Company basically contains “handy items for everyday life.” To be exact, these include an LED flashlight, a matchbox, a multibit screwdriver, a pen, a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, some rubber bands, two AA batteries, and two AAA batteries.

junk drawer starter kit


unique housewarming gift


This starter kit gives you a head start on what to fill your junk drawer

At a glance, they may not seem much, but let’s admit it—every household needs all these items. To be fair though, you probably won’t use most of them frequently. But on the bright side, this only means that they’ll work well as junk drawer fillers!

junk drawer starter kit housewarming gift

So, if you’re looking for a unique housewarming gift for your loved ones, then this starter pack is a great option. Aside from giving them the gift of laughter, you’ll provide them with some helpful tools too! More importantly, you’ll give them an idea of what to fill their future junk drawer! Whether they’re new homeowners or just making their way into independent living, we bet they’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift of yours.

One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Love it!! My kid and her roommate are getting their first apartment. Sure, they could fill it with their own junk but this might be the ‘bug in the ear’ to keep things organized!”

Source: The Starter Kit Company