White Chocolate Lovers Will Be Pleased To Hear Cadbury Are Releasing A New White Chocolate Range

Cadbury is set to delight all white chocolate lovers around UK. The British chocolate company recently announced the release of its new white chocolate range. From the sounds of it, we’re pretty sure you’re already drooling now. We know you’re craving for it now but your taste buds will have to wait until September. But we’re going to tease you with the details. The Cadbury White Chocolate range has three appetizing products and we hope you’re ready for them.

cadbury white chocolate range

First up, the new Cadbury White Chocolate range features the creamy white chocolate bars. This is probably similar to the previous Cadbury Dream bar which was released in the UK in 2002. Only this time, the smooth white chocolate bar will come in a purple packaging, not the previous baby blue wrapping. The new Cadbury White bar will retail at £2 each.

cadbury white creamy chocolate bar

In addition to this, the Cadbury White Chocolate range also includes the White Chocolate Giant Buttons. This variant features bite-sized white chocolate buttons in a handy resealable bag, making it ideal for sharing. The White Chocolate Giant Buttons will retail at £2 per bag.

cadbury white giant buttons

Lastly, the range includes the Freddo White Treasures. Inside the miniature treasure chest is a collective of yummy white chocolate coins and a surprise toy. It is indeed a surprising treat for kids and you can get these sweet treasures for only 65 pence each.

cadbury freddo white treasures

All these three new delicious white chocolate variants will be available exclusively in ASDA stores around the UK starting September. But as early as now, white chocolate lovers are going gaga over the upcoming new releases from Cadbury.


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