Hilarious Little Matchboxes Feature Drawings Of Cats Drinking At Bars

You only need to go to a bar late at night to experience the wackiest scenarios. From drunken chit-chats to brawls and getting dead drunk, this is where you get the most unforgettable (and forgettable) experiences. Everyone has their own share of embarrassing moments with alcohols. And you can certainly relate to these hilarious little matchboxes featuring cat illustrations that depict night life in a bar.

matchboxes featuring cat illustrations

Arna Miller and her husband Ravi Zupa are working together to create matchboxes with cover illustrations of cats in bars. Using adorable felines to represent human’s embarrassing moments actually adds a great deal of humor (also cuteness) to this situation. The Strike Your Fancy series portrays drunken kitties in various amusing situations. You probably think you’ve seen these types of illustrations somewhere from vintage books or posters. This is because the artists-couple got the inspiration from the 20th century classic illustrations.


Comical illustrations of cats in a bar on the cover of little matchboxes

arna miller ravi zupa matchboxes illustrations


cats in a bar matchboxes


funny little matchboxesBut why choose tipsy cats among other themes? Arna explains that one of her previous drawing depicts a cat with a beer. She later thought of a brilliant idea of turning it into a series. Together with her husband, the couple decided to showcase the series on the covers of little matchboxes. “We decided on matchboxes because they are so odd and magical,”  And that’s how these funny matchboxes featuring cat illustrations came to be.

funny little matchboxes


matchbox covers funny drunken cats

Each illustration is printed by hand in the artists’ studio. Instead of water-based inks, the artists are using oil based inks that print-makers have been using since the Renaissance. With this vintage printing technique, the artists guarantee that the image can last for centuries without fading. The Strike Your Fancy matchbox series is available for purchase on Arna Miller’s website.

arna miller ravi zupa matchbox art


matchbox strike your fancy production


matchbox illustration oil based ink


matchbox illustration printing technique


strike your fancy series printing


matchbox cat illustrations


strike your fancy series

Source: Arna Miller / Ravi Zupa