Gifts From Grandmas That You Won’t Be Able To Hold Back Your Laughter At

Grandmas are some of the most special people in this world. They are always there for you, and always make sure that you never go hungry. They are the queens of gift giving, and are responsible for both the best presents you’ve ever received and the absolute worst. A life without grandmas would definitely be a less joyous one. For those of you reading this that are privileged enough to have a grandma or two, we are sure you’ll relate to this list of hilarious gifts. Take a look, laugh and enjoy!

Staying at grandma’s is always fun with a blanket like this.

Interesting t-shirt choice… we like it.

Grandmas seem to love a good cat themed item.

When you challenge your grandma to get you 100 dollar store gifts…

We need a shark blanket in our lives. 

And, a ‘Super Mario’ one!

We adore this! So creative and looks great!

This guy’s name is Brodie Jonas Dean. His grandma stumbled upon what she thought was a great gift! 

Who wouldn’t love a homemade vest?

What a lovely color. 

We need to get our hands on a few of these!

The best matching hat/beards we’ve ever seen!


Damn. What a great grandma!

We just love these images. The more bizarre the gifts are, the better! The adorable naivety that some grandmas possess just melts your heart. And, then you’ve got the badass grandmas who know the meanings behind the gifts that they have chosen that just make you laugh. We urge you all to cherish your grandparents as you never know how much time you have left with them. You mean more to them than you will ever know! Keep going to see more hilarious presents! 

This lovely lady was embarrassed to be wearing her night gown with company. Her grandson said not to worry and that it looked very comfortable. So, she gifted him one! 

A pizza party sounds like our kind of party.

The PERFECT gift for winter!

Betty is slaying.

Make your friends jealous with an awesome lunch box like this one!

This is being added to our list of great gifts for family members!

A printed out and posted selfie. What more could you want?

The gift grandma sends when she hears you’ve moved in with your partner…

Start your day the right way…

‘Finger-less gloves with flowers on’…

gift from grandma weed gloves


A weed onesie for chilling…

What a lovely message.

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