This Poolside Hanging Leisure Bed Is The Best Way To Relax Outside

Don’t you just love sleeping on a hammock? We sure do! We’ll choose it over our bed any day (or night). Both options are perfectly comfortable, but the hammock’s got a few advantages over the usual mattress. I mean… I think we can all agree that hammock naps are just way better than our usual doze, right? Well, you won’t have to fantasize about going on a tropical getaway to sleep in a hammock with this new hanging poolside leisure bed from Leisure Season. This new swing bed offers us the best of both worlds and more!

The Swing Bed with Canopy by Leisure Season is the company’s way of adding a modern twist to the traditional backyard hammock. In fact, it looks like something you’d see at the poolside of some posh resort in a tropical getaway destination. But instead of traveling thousands of miles, you can have this gorgeous poolside leisure bed right in the comfort of your home! This contemporary hammock gives you the feeling of having an uninterrupted getaway in your dream destination without the hassle and cost that comes with going on faraway trips.

swing bed with canopy by leisure seasons
Leisure Season


Invest in long-term relaxation with this hanging leisure bed

Buying outdoor furniture can be challenging. And one important thing you should always pay attention to is the materials used in the product you’re considering on buying. Fortunately, this poolside leisure bed won’t disappoint, as it’s made with only the best quality materials possible. The swing bed’s frame is composed of a combination of teak and larch hardwood. Leisure Season chose these materials for their frame as both possess impressive resilience against water and sunlight.

Larch hardwood is actually a key component in the construction of the City of Venice. On the other hand, teak is regarded for its ability to resist against moisture and decay. You can leave the Swing Bed outdoors all year and not worry about it deteriorating at all! The covered hammock frame’s rich brown tones and smooth woodwork will endure its exposure to different elements for a long time, so it’s definitely worth the splurge!

close up of the hanging poolside leisure bed frame
Leisure Season


Chill under the sun as long as you want under the leisure bed’s canopy

Don’t you just hate it when the sun’s rays rudely interrupt your rest in the hammock? Or when it gets too hot and you have to move elsewhere until it’s nice and shady again? Well, you won’t have to deal with this minor inconvenience again with the poolside leisure bed! Its canopy will block out the pesky rays of the sun so you can enjoy your down time to fullest! The canopy is also sturdy enough to withstand the different elements without fading or crumbling after being exposed for a long time.

canopied hammock with curved wooden frame
Leisure Season


Spend quality time with your loved one in the hanging poolside leisure bed

Typical hammocks can only accommodate one person. In comparison, two people can comfortably snuggle in the Swing Bed with Canopy by Leisure Season. This would be a perfect investment for couples and families, as it provides opportunities for bonding. Two comfy cushions are also included in the package, so you can doze in the utmost comfort. The hanging leisure bed’s height can also be adjusted according to your preference.

the hanging poolside leisure bed with height-adjustable hammock
Leisure Season

Everyone loves furniture but most people would prefer to have the product come pre-assembled or have someone else do the deed. The prospect of assembling furniture may seem daunting and intimidating, but Leisure Season assures us that putting this hanging poolside leisure bed won’t be a nightmare. A detailed yet easy-to-understand instruction booklet is provided to help you set up the whole piece. When accomplished the swing bed will measure 10.5 feet long and 5.75 feet wide. It will weigh 159lbs or 72kg, so you’ll definitely want to set it up where you want it to stay.


Sleeping in a hammock is great for your health

According to studies, sleeping in hammock is actually more beneficial than sleeping in a traditional bed. One major reason behind our deep, relaxing doze in a hammock is its gentle, swaying rhythm. This motion helps engage our vestibular system and makes it release an adrenaline rush similar to how we’d feel if we were riding a roller coaster. Plus, the gentle rocking motion is also reminiscent of how mothers put their babies to sleep! Moreover, lying down in a hammock also helps relieve pressure from your spine, which would explain why we feel so relaxed.

hanging poolside leisure bed
Leisure Season

With the new swing bed from Leisure Seasons, you won’t have to choose between sleeping in a bed or a hammock. This hanging leisure bed was made to be slept in whether during daytime or nighttime. The covered hammock will make a perfect addition to your poolside, on your patio, and on the deck. You can get yours via Amazon.

Source: Amazon