Insane Photos That Will Drive You Out of Your Mind

For sure, there are certain things that can drive you nuts and weird stuff is certainly one of them. It’s time to drive your mind into frenzy with these insane photos that we picked just for you. Let’s see if your logic can handle the craziness we have in store for you. If you’re ready, try not to lose your sanity with these insane photos. Of course, that’s an overstatement. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.




I never want to hear whatever type of music this weird band is playing. But I kinda like their choice of mascot. That’s the only thing they got right.

Reddit | PapioliRavioli

Every living thing is evolving over the course of time. One day, birds will be living under the sea and fish will be flying in the sky.

Reddit | Spoon701

This is another instance where traffic cops are uncertain whether to pull this man over or not. Because technically, eating shoes while driving isn’t against the law.

Reddit | madd74

A man eating a shoe is weird enough. How about a dog eating a wall? To top it all off, it’s a female chihuahua.

Reddit | wonderfulraspberry

When you ask someone to say ‘cheese‘ but they thought you’re literally giving them cheese.

Reddit | captainmagictrousers

Thank goodness this creepy stalker is wearing a Spongebob costume or we could’ve totally freaked out.

Reddit | ChosenCourier13

Step up your billiard game by maintaining your concentration while these head obstacles try to distract you.

Reddit | Sir_battmaker

Crazy images that will follow you in your dreams



When confusion takes over your appetite. Is this how they dine in the Upside Down?

upside down dining table insane photos
Reddit | mike_pants

I wonder how a plastic doll taste? Barbie doll has really come a long way from being the world’s favorite toy to being the world’s favorite food.

Reddit | Berniegrl

No hedge trimmer? No problem! Bring out your lawn mower because it’s time to cut the bushes.

Reddit | Ptudia

I absolutely object to this wedding. First question, are they even alive? We do hope so because dressing up dead pigs would be utterly creepy. Second question, why is there a banana in the groom’s mouth?

Reddit | manudg42

When you step into a train and see a bunch of passengers in a Bart Simpson masks. It would leave you wondering if there’s a convention for all Bart’s fans or you just unluckily stumbled upon a group of masked hijackers.

Reddit | totalinfonet

Basically, every road will lead you to the same place. So if you want to get out of Trabzon, there’s actually no way you can get out.

Reddit | daphOof

CRT monitors may be obsolete. But these people have found other uses for them. You’re aware how heavy those things are, right? We applaud these people for their effort and creativity to pull this proposal off.

Reddit | losermanwins

Maestro Mantis is killing it. This photo alone deserves an astounding standing ovation.

Reddit | PBSk