Outrageous Photos That You Need To See To Believe

People are the most unpredictable creatures in the world and they always surprise us with their silly ways. If you’re still lacking faith to the craziness of humankind, you need to see these outrageous photos. You’ll certainly end up agreeing with us after reading this post. You’re about to see proofs how confusing and amusing some people can get. You’ll also get to see how people never run out of crazy antics. You’ll realize that this world is indeed full of hilarious things to keep life livelier and more exciting. Here is our list of outrageous photos showing that some things don’t necessarily have to make sense to be funny.




Because a lamp post deserve its own marker. Besides, people need to know what lamp posts are made of.

Reddit | TheConesofDunshire

You are not you when you are hungry.  I bet the real you don’t eat wrappers but it’s a different story when you’re really starving.

Reddit | deadmadeuces

When your eyes are trying to convince you that your tap is a latte dispenser but your brain is telling you it’s not.

The Chive

As long as they don’t hurt you, leave my straps alone.

Instagram | qweerticorn

How to make an instant tourist spot.  All you need is a spray paint and a clear visible wall and you’re good to go.

The Chive

It’s not always a good thing when you swap faces with a fish. You turn up looking like an amiable alien and the fish turns up looking like a Pixar character.

Instagram | uglywormofanxiety

Inviting other guys over is acceptable. But calling his favorite sport stupid is absolutely unforgivable.

eBaum’s World

Photos showing the ridiculous side of humankind



I’ll probably dig in for some candy nuggets but I’m skeptical about cotton chicken. Maybe I’ll pass on the latter.

Pleated Jeans

This person’s obsession with hotdogs is quite alarming. But we’re hoping he’ll invite us for a hotdog party.


While some people are obsessing over hotdogs, this guy looks like he despises hotdogs. Does he really hate hotdogs that much? That creepy dog looks like it’s willing to have those hotdogs instead.

Reddit | TaintedLion

Look, there’s a bag of garbage trying to escape from the dumpster!


Banana skin is supposed to be peeled off. But if you can use it as a cup, then we’ll just leave you as you are. Enjoy your banana!

banana spoon outrageous photos

This is one of the reasons why it’s more exciting to commute. You get to see different types of passengers, even the most unexpected ones.

Reddit | totalinfonet

If you think the commuting dog is amazing then wait till you see this turkey as a passenger on this flight.

Reddit | Palexio

Is this supposed to be fish scales tattoo? Honestly, all I can see is a strange case of a skin disease.

Instagram | turtleisfunny