Times Kids Drawings Revealed Too Much About Their Parents

We all like to encourage our kids to be creative and express themselves. One easy way of doing this is to put pen to paper. Sometimes children create pure rubbish, and other times they make adorable masterpieces. Unfortunately, there are also many occasions when kids drawings embarrassed parents big time. From drinking too much wine to unleashing deadly farts, these kids did not hold back! Take a look! 

When your daughter is asked to write one sentence about a family member and this is what she chooses! 

Moral of the story, don’t be evil or you’ll get eaten by a snake! 

Kids Drawings Embarrassed Parents evil snake


‘Allergic to Facebook’… we love that. 

Kids Drawings Embarrassed Parents facebook


This mom’s farts look powerful enough to propel her forward! 

Being featured in your kid’s work isn’t always an honor… 

We can totally relate to this…

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If only we could get away with this as adults… 

It was going so well until… 

This one makes us feel pretty sad.  

The comment is nice. It IS important for mom to let her hair down every now and again! 

We’re noticing a recurring theme of the schools being rather nosy! 

Kids Drawings Embarrassed Parents watching ellen


Here’s another example! Maybe mom doesn’t want this information made public!

One day you’ll understand why mom likes wine, kid. 

Yeah this was totally an ‘error’…